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kangoo jumps

Updated on August 11, 2010

What are Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo jumps are low impact high rebound boots that have become popular among people trying to lose weight, tone muscle or simple get in to a fun workout regimen. KJs have a line of boots that can be used by kids and adults. They allow you to get a fun workout that is easy on the knees and will allow you to lose weight as well as tone your muscles.  The patented design is specially made to absorb 80% of the impact.

Kangoo Jumps can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used for jogging and jumping, aerobics, dance, athletic training, marathons....the list is endless.  They will allow you to burn calories and get toned. You will be able to burn fat and tone you legs, butt and stomach. They fit like ski boots or roller blades for that comfortable form fit.

Air Kicks Jr. - Anti-Gravity Jumping Boots

Air Kicks Jr by Geospace are cheaper compared to Kangoo Jumps but work just as well. The Air Kicks Jr. Model 11201 fits Shoe Sizes Jr. 9 - 13, Youth 1 - 4, Weight Range of 55 - 99 lbs. The high traction trade is safe to use indoors and outdoors and won't scratch your floors. Heavy-duty interchangeable rubber T-Springs transform downward energy into bouncing motions that are gentle on joints and bones. These boots are recommended for men sizes 4-11 and women sizes 7-13 but the 55 to 99 pound range means that they are better suited for older kids or adults who weigh less than 99 pounds.

Other great products

Kids can also enjoy jumping and getting a fun little workout with these great products like the Geospace Kickaroos which fits kids from 99 to 143 Lbs, but they are not meant for kids under 8 years old. With the jumping motion of a trampoline kids and adults will have fun while burning calories, strengthening leg muscles and building coordination. Just adjust the boots length to fit the feet and strap it right over athletic shoes.

Smaller kids 33-55 pounds can also enjoy jumping in these Kickaroos built for ages 6 and up. Kids will love the cushionary motion , designed using lighter materials like Velcro straps for a lower entry cost for young children.

Fun Added Bonuses

  • Jump higher with the trampoline effect
  • Lose weight and get in shape while having fun
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors, durable plastic will not hurt floors and will withstand usage outdoors
  • Tighten problem areas like the butt and get stronger toned legs
  • Easy to learn and use for beginners or professionals to exercising
  • Available in different sizes and for different weight classes

Get in shape and have fun doing it!

Feature on Fox 5


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    • spud211 profile image

      spud211 7 years ago

      It's not dangerous, it's actually safer on your knees and joints jumping with Kangoo jumps than without them. Just like anything new, it feels a little uncomfortable at first but you will quickly get used to the jumping motions.

    • salt profile image

      salt 7 years ago from australia

      A bit out there, is it dangerous? It looks fun, yet I wouldn't like to fall over.


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