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Dealing With Depression Over The Holidays? There Is Hope! Knock Out Your Demons!

Updated on December 23, 2016

Is This The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

A young woman and man struggling with heartache and tragedy during the Holidays.
A young woman and man struggling with heartache and tragedy during the Holidays. | Source

Imprisoned by Deppresson

A man in chains.
A man in chains. | Source

Dealing with Depression during the Holidays

Dealing with Depression during the Holidays: Is this the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

During the holiday season the essences of joy, peace, and a giving spirit are promoted through entertainment, marketing, and social media. Very few people really understand the power of true love and happiness, especially when tragedy strikes. This article is about finding joy in the heart of sorrow.

Shedding Light on the Source of Depression

Divorce, suicide, financial problems, breakups, death, loneliness, and health issues are many of the root causes of major depression. The loss of a loved one through suicide or death is a pain that is indescribable because death is permanent. Divorce, breakups, health issues, and financial problems carry a sense of loneliness and despair.

Depression is a dark entity that seeks to isolate the victim. The wrath of depression can detach an individual from positive surroundings, family, and friends, and its mission will cloud the mind with negative thoughts and harmful solutions.

Which Way Should I Go In Life?

A man discerns his path in life.
A man discerns his path in life. | Source

My Life Is a Wreck!

All my friends called me the golden boy back in the day. I was captain of the football team, and I dated the most beautiful girl in high school.

I dominated the football field and was a recruiter's dream, drawing interest from Pac-12 schools. I had planned on marrying my high school sweetheart after I completed college, and I had hopes of being drafted into the NFL.

Life was beautiful back then, but I’ve come to realize that beauty can fade in a blink of the eye.

Just like that, my flawless life turned ugly, seemingly overnight. I’m worried because I haven’t been able to shake off this maze of a nightmare. I’m stuck and afraid that I may never overcome my problems.

A couple of years ago I was injured in a car accident. My legs were badly injured, and my promising football career became an amazing dream of the past.

My high school sweetheart, the love of my life, ended up screwing me over. I caught her in the act with my so-called best friend. As bad luck would have it, all of my “true friends” knew that my ex-fiancé was a disloyal, pretentious waste of time, so I was the last to find out.

Now I work at a fast-food restaurant, which is a far cry from the NFL.

My car was recently towed and impounded because I let my insurance lapse and didn’t pay some parking tickets. I have to take the bus to work, and I hate my job.

I can’t stand my boss, who is a self-righteous idiot who takes pride in watching me flip burgers for a living. My boss agitates me to the point of insanity!

I fear that one day I might flip out and do something crazy that could land me behind bars.I’m so fed up with this life.

Sometimes, I want to end it. But I fear that all the people I can’t stand would show up at the funeral, and I can’t give them the satisfaction.

My Life Is Spiraling out of Control! How Do I Move on without Giving Up?

There Is Hope! Knock Out Your Demons

The red boxing glove representing bold faith against depression.
The red boxing glove representing bold faith against depression. | Source

Inspirational Speakers Katrina Moore And Kim Corder

Inspirational Speakers Katrina Moore And Kim Corder At The Annual Christmas Event  in Glendale Arizona.
Inspirational Speakers Katrina Moore And Kim Corder At The Annual Christmas Event in Glendale Arizona. | Source

Keep Moving Forward One Day at a Time

L.T., my heart goes out to you. I’m sorry to hear of your misfortunes in life. You are definitely having a “job moment.” This, too, shall pass.

The Story of Job is about a man who lost his family, friends, and wealth and leans on his faith instead of fear.

Life is unpredictable. Similar to a football game, you have to protect your turf through faith. Your enemies will come after you, but you have to keep pushing through to reach your goal. Everyone endures unforeseen obstacles in their lives.

L.T., my concern is that you are struggling with suicidal thoughts. When such depression occurs, you need to seek help. The Suicide Prevention Hotline is one of the resources that can help you with your bouts of depression. You might want to search for outreach programs in your community as well.

In the meantime, you have to rely on faith instead of fear. Stay uplifted through hopeful friends and encouraging music and family members.

Keep Moving Forward One Day at a Time.

When you are experiencing conflict in your life, do not encircle yourself with depressing friends or spiteful family members. Instead, surround yourself with faithful family members, friends, and inspirational speakers. Below, I have listed the names of a few influential speakers and writers who can provide wisdom if you’re open to change.

Inspirational Speaker Kim Corder

Celebrate Recovery Speaker and Author Kim Corder.
Celebrate Recovery Speaker and Author Kim Corder. | Source

The Gift

Inspirational Speaker Kim Corder

Kim Corder, another founding speaker, helped launch the program in Glendale, Arizona. Now, having been the lead speaker for over ten years, she sponsors women and men in recovery.

Corder shares that we all have a purpose—a Godly purpose that marks the true existence of our lives. Hand-crafted by God from birth to death, we all have something of value to give back! The key to happiness is to live for something greater than ourselves! Corder calls this special gift “soul satisfaction.” Always remember that you are not alone. As a reminder, Corder displayed a tiny bell that did not make much noise to signal that someone greater and powerful than ourselves is watching over us.

I learned that sometimes the noise of this world and our problems can drown out our needs for peace and common sense. Never forget that this world is designed to distract us from what really matters in life.

However, if we spend enough quiet time and are still in the midst of sorrow, we can hear that still, quiet voice representing a sound mind and love.

Author and faith-based speaker, Mrs. Kim Corder, who spoke on “Finding Faith’s Fountain of Youth.”

Do You Have Childlike Faith?

In a Women's drop in study located in Gilbert Arizona, Mrs. Corder took the time to shed light on the topic of childlike faith. She said that our faith should not be childlike, in the sense of being immature, but should be unassuming and without pretension or fake behavior.

Matthew 18:2­–4 (MSG)

“For an answer, Jesus called over a child, whom he stood in the middle of the room, and said, ‘I’m telling you, once and for all, that unless you return to square one and start over like children, you’re not even going to get a look at the kingdom, let alone get in. Whoever becomes simple and elemental again, like this child, will rank high in God’s kingdom. What’s more, when you receive the childlike on my account, it’s the same as receiving me.’”

Kim went on to share that men and women suffer from certain levels of physical insecurities, but women are constantly bombarded with the pressure to stay youthful. Countless advertisements entice women to spend time and money trying to obtain the unattainable, the fountain of youth.

However, a true youthful image is found through the inner understanding of a spiritual, contented heart. Such a heart is not blocked by over-educated teachings that will only puff up the spirit.

Being teachable—not through head knowledge, but through heart knowledge—is the key.

Doing what you should do is heart knowledge. Being teachable is about the heart.

Of course, we all fall short, and we all need God’s grace on a daily basis to help see us through this

Many of us may feel that we are not good enough to serve God. But remember that God is love, and even though He hates sin, He loves the sinner.

Inspirational Speaker Katrina Moore Touches On A Lasting Joy

Inspirational Speaker Katrina Moore.
Inspirational Speaker Katrina Moore. | Source

Inspired By Quotes From C. S. Lewis — 'Joy is the serious business of heaven.'

A statue of Mother Theresa.  http://StThomasMount Theresa by Sa.balamurugan - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
A statue of Mother Theresa. http://StThomasMount Theresa by Sa.balamurugan - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - | Source

Many Children Conceive Themselves To Be Superheroes Not At All Threatened By The Obstacles In Life

I Am A Superhero, Little boy dressed up like Superman walking boldly down the street.
I Am A Superhero, Little boy dressed up like Superman walking boldly down the street. | Source

Is there More to Life?

Inspirational speaker Katrina Moore is from Dundee, Scotland. Moore shares wisdom at Sun Valley’s Women’s Ministry in Gilbert, Arizona, with hundreds of women who are in search of lasting joy.

Katrina Moore:Search for a Godly presence in life. According to inspirational speaker Katrina Moore, a Godly presence adds more to life then what you can see! Loneliness can create competition and the need to be perfect to gain love and recognition.

Get help in your time of need. Reach out to good friends. Be open to prayer, and ask friends to pray for you. Whether you are a Christian or embrace another religion, life happens. God uses people to help people. Keep it real and be authentic. Don’t get involved in a religion in which you have to perform to receive love. Religion believes that you have to work your way to God. True Christianity reflects what God has done to make His way to you. You are never alone.

Finding Joy in The Midst of Sorrow.

Moore believes that those who are in search of a joyous life should seek their God-given purpose, which is instilled in us at an early age.

C. S. Lewis and Mother Teresa could speak so freely on the topic of joy was because of their fixed objective in life.

Moore shares that the lack of joy often stems from a longing to find concrete meaning in life. She touched on the observance of young children by using her son as an example, and explained that children are fearless when it comes to their destiny in life. Her young son’s fascination with becoming a professional wrestler was logical in his mind, and the hindrance of doubt was not a concern for him.

Moore explains that children express their desires freely and are not burdened with thoughts of failure. Many children conceive of themselves as superheroes. Unthreatened by obstacles in life, most children move ahead with a carefree nature.

Lasting Joy Leads To All Good Things

Endless Joy image.
Endless Joy image. | Source

Count It All Joy!

Count It All Joy!

Moore expresses the need to examine your first passion in life to uncover the powerful purpose behind your existence. This journey may take time; however, you can find joy right in front of you in the midst of your journey.

Even though life may seem like an obstacle course filled with ongoing challenges, such as a broken marriage or issues with finances, children, and health, holding on to your peace is important.

Staying focused on joy, or defining a purposeful life under such stressful conditions, is a tough choice, but through the power of faith and knowing that this too shall pass, we can strive to set our eyes on a higher purpose than ourselves to obtain lasting joy here on earth.

Taking time out to love your children or to serve in your community takes the focus off of human admiration.

Life has a way of evolving. Moore shares that in time you will find that all of the barriers built to destroy your path will eventually subside.

During the process your faith will grow stronger. Moore shares, Know that we are love, designed for purpose.”

After Moore’s enlightening message, I left with the understanding that giving power to hopelessness weighs down the spirit. Joy paves the way to a meaningful life, and lasting joy outweighs a lifetime of sorrow.

James 1 2-4

Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

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I Enjoy Joyce Meyer's Encouraging Words And Books On How To Maintain Your Joy


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