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Kava Kava

Updated on January 11, 2013

Get To Know Kava Kava

In this lens, let's learn about this interesting crop that grows throughout Western Pacific including Polynesia, Hawaii, Melanesia, Venuatu and Micronesia. This small shrub bearing wide, heart-shaped leaves grow abundantly in the Pacific where rainfall is abundant and soil is loose and well-drained. Since time immemorial, kava kava and its extract have been used traditionally by ancient civilizations in the Pacific as a mood-enhancing, relaxant, sedative, stress-reducing beverage. As you read this lens, learn what's in kava kava that could improve mood and relaxation and reduce anxiety and stress

Bid Stress and Anxiety Goodbye with Kava Kava Extract

The extract of kava kava produces a clinically beneficial supplement that can control symptoms of anxiety. Further to that, the impact of kava kava root powder will give a calming and relaxing feeling - the extract called Kavalactones will enable someone to feel a reduction in stress and anxiety by way of a 100 mg dose.

The root can be four to five years old, and use lateral roots. When mixed in with water the taste isn't particularly nice, but the effect of reducing anxiety and stress are certainly worth it. There is little information available about the power of kava kava seeds, but they may well help also but are not generally available as they are usually infertile and don't produce new plants.

The powder of kava kava root is not going to cause any liver damage, but because of associations with other drugs and substances such as alcohol some people have thought kava kava is to be suspected. The powder can be taken mixed with water and two to three tablespoons will produce an effect. The taste can be a disincentive to using it but the effect will likely be beneficial if it is taken. There are concerns that the plant itself (not the root) can be linked with more serious liver disease, so sticking to the root extract is best.

For those who take kava kava over a longer period of time, there is always the risk of the body becoming tolerant to the substance. This hasn't always been the case for some people, and some report that the positive relaxation effects build up over time as more is taken.

The extract - but not the kava kava seeds - can be found in online supplement stores, and the dosage should certainly be noted. Too much will produce a short term effect but a rather challenging medium term impact to the digestive system!

The powder can have a great effect on reduction in social tension, and kava kava extract will reduce this but also cause a relaxing effect on the brain - quietly similar to cannabis, the improvement in mood, together with a reduction in an ability to achieve with the higher brain functions such as math or music, it needs to be taken carefully.

In conclusion, the kava kava plant is not going to be useful for kava kava seeds, but the extract that can be bought online and in retailers from the root of the plant will be worth considering to give a boost to mood function and anxiety disorders. If you do get a plant, the thing to remember is that, like a fine wine, it takes a few years to mature - probably at least three - to get the best roots for harvest.

What's in Kava Kava


The main psychoactive ingredient in the roots of kava kava shrub is kavalactones, a group of lactones extensively investigated by scientists and found to display anti convulsive, anti anxiety, analgesic, relaxant, sleep-inducing and pain relieving properties. Kavalactones are said to have slightly the same effects as alcohol but with no hangover. Excessive consumption of kava kava extract may result to numbness of the lower limbs and muscles which can lead to many hours of deep sleep.

The Different Names of Kava kava

Kava kava has been known throughout the Pacific Islands for one major thing- its sedating, calming and relaxing properties.But in different parts of the Pacific, it has been called with different names. Kava kava is known as "yaquona" in Fiji, "awaj" in Hawaii and "grog" in Aboriginal tribes. It's also called "sakau" in Pohnpei island and"ava" in Samoa.

Uses of Kava Kava

For hundreds of years, kava kava has been prepared as a ceremonial beverage in Pacific Island cultures more precisely in South Pacific. In Fiji, drinking this ceremonial drink was held with significant social, religious and political implications.These ceremonies even included the ritualistic presentation of the bundled kava kava roots as a gift.

Traditional preparations of this drink include pounding, grinding and chewing of the fresh or dried kava kava root. In the olden times, kava kava root extract has been used as a remedy for fatigue, asthma and urinary tract infections as well as a sleep-inducing beverage. Kava kava was also topically applied as an anesthesia or numbing agent and used to ease off insomnia, anxiety and menopausal symptoms.

In social gatherings, kava kava drink has been used to boost friendliness and invoke a relaxing mood.

Right Dosage of Kava Kava

Like most things, too much dosage of kava kava herbal supplement may have side effects, even serious ones. If you're one of the beginners of kava kava, you might want to take it slowly because it may have mild side effects due to the body's adjustments to the herb. You might experience dizziness or symptoms of flu and even nausea. These are because your body is still adjusting to the new medicine it is being exposed to.

However, there are rare cases in which your body rejects the supplement or you are taking kava kava in too much dose than what's prescribed. If you're showing symptoms of liver damage such as jaundice, immediately consult your physician. Some people are also allergic to certain herbs such as kava kava, just make sure that you're not allergic to it before taking it orally. According to Australian government, the right dosage of kava kava supplement is a maximum of 250 mg, it should never be higher than that.

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      HeliHanson25 4 years ago

      Kava is basically extract from a root of a kava plant,It is a traditionally used in some areas of the world.It is helpful in many problems.My friends is suffering from anxiety and he always gave a tough time to me and his family members specially his mother.He often discuss his problem with me and was quite fed up with himself.As being a friend I took his problem as mine and search internet that how can i cure his anxiety without medicine and found a fantastic website kickbackwithkava .com from where you can buy kava and get rid of this problem.I told him about that,he went through the stuff and order,now he is completely fine and there is no anxiety.I am happy I helped him.

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      Markwell1 5 years ago

      A preety lens!