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Hot weather getting you down? Heat Rash, sweaty? Let me tell you Thailand's little secret...

Updated on April 29, 2011

You like Hot or Not?

Many parts of the world are enjoying spring turning into summer a little earlier than usual this year. It seems everyone heads for the beach and don's their Bikini's rubs in the lotion and sprawls out in the sun. So everyone’s happy!..."Well almost"…

Itching, uncomortable and sweating

...There are a large percentage of people out there that once the first sunny days appear, pray for cooler weather.

I'm sure you have all been through it at some point, dripping with sweat, patches of sore skin from Prickly heat rash. You take turns standing by the fridge with the door open, just trying to get comfortable…Well I have to admit, I have been there myself. "And now I live in Thailand."

Old Thai remedy

Well Thailand is the land of smiles, (and sun), and they have been keeping a little something up their sleeve...

You are probably thinking to yourself why are they always supposed to be smiling when it’s so dam hot over there?... Well, here's their secret: It’s a cooling powder called St Luke’s Snake Brand prickly heat powder.

You are unlikely to have heard of this talc because it is produced only in Thailand, although it has been around for some time, (their original Classic cooling powder was developed over 60 years ago).

Almost every household in Thailand uses it and nothing can rival its effectiveness in making you feel cooler and more comfortable in hot weather.

Snake Brand prickly heat Powder is a herbal antiseptic powder that contains refreshing and natural essential oils it is also effective in relieving sweating, itching, prickly heat rash as well as other skin irritations. All cooling powders in their ranges are suitable for the whole family, although they recommend the their Baby powder for under three's.

There is no way I could have stayed in Thailand for the last 2 years without it. They now have a range of fragrances, Classic, (Original), Active Herbal and Lavender, as well as their baby powder. All are designed and effective at keeping you cool and comfortable in hot weather.

So if you are sitting by the fridge praying for the heat-wave to end, there is alternative, but it's our little secret...

Just some soothing options
Just some soothing options | Source


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    • profile image

      abigail daniel 5 years ago

      a must hav product if u ar livin in a haste weather.

    • profile image

      Kai 6 years ago

      a must try product, thumb up!!

    • profile image

      Photjana 6 years ago

      I used this all my life ;)

      Great stuff