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How to Keep Fit and Remain Healthy in Autumn and Winter

Updated on August 31, 2015

Keeping fit is always important, because when we are in good shape and feel well, we are ready to lead active way of life. This issue become crucial in the inter-season time, when most people suffer from colds and flu, which obviously affects their lifestyle and violate their plans for the whole day or even week.

Why We Frequently Fall Ill in the Inter-Season Time

There is nothing strange about the fact that people get sick in the inter-season time. This is the time when weather conditions change unpredictably and unexpectedly. You may go out to your office early in the morning, when the sun shines brightly and nothing foreshows rain or thunderstorm. However, in a few hours the situation may notable change and you will be “caught” by downpour somewhere in the street. As a result, you will start coughing and sneezing at the end of the day. This is especially true if your immune system is subjected to frequent diseases.

Constantly changing weather conditions help bacteria and versatile viruses spread more actively as compared to spring and summer. Moreover, pupils and students start attending kindergartens and other educational establishments, which also contributes to the spread of bacteria, especially in places crowded with people.

What Are the Ways Out?

Are there any ways out of the problem? Is it possible to keep fit and stay healthy in autumn and winter? As far as the inter-season time is considered stressful for the human body, the best way to remain healthy for the prevailing amount of time is to make everything possible to relief stress. Everyone has personal methods of doing that. The most helpful recommendations, though, are listed below:

1.Control Your Weight

It seems impossible to believe that there is the connection between the weight and the rate of illnesses people face. Meanwhile, scientists have proved that this connection really exists. As soon as the weather outside gets cold, gloomy and bad, most people have the desire to spend time at home. They don’t move a lot. Instead, they spend time in front of their TV sets or computers and eat food rich in calories to feel relaxed and warm. As a result, they gain weight, which suppresses their immune system, making it more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria spread in the air.

So, the first and the most important rule is to eat food rich in vitamins and nutrients. The food does not have to be rich in calories, but if you wish to eat something tasty, like confectionaries, bakery etc., then it is better to divide your daily ration into several parts. This will help your body get the required amount of calories so that you would not gain extra kilos in autumn and winter.

2. Active Lifestyle

The inter-season time is not the reason to cease leading the active lifestyle you had before. On the contrary, your health depends greatly upon your activity in autumn and winter. If it is cold or rainy outside and you don’t have the desire to go to the gym or take a run, then why not just do your regular morning exercises? That’s very simple, but this will require willpower and persistence.

What you should remember is that bad weather will not last for the whole season. So, visiting a gym or a swimming-pool is generally a great idea even for the inter-season time! Moreover, winter is that season of the year, when everyone can go in that kind of sport that is impossible in other seasons. These may be skating, skiing, sledging and what not. This will surely keep you fit and healthy regardless of the time of the day!

3.Take Enough Rest

Taking enough sleep in autumn in winter will let your body and mind relax and gain extra power for the upcoming day. This will also help the organism become stronger, making it resist pathogenic viruses and bacteria. This doesn’t mean, of course, that you will have to sleep for the whole day – this will look more than ridiculous! Doctors recommend sleeping about 1.5 hours longer during the season to avoid lack of sleep and excess tiredness.

4. Avoid Stresses

Hmmm… Does this sound strange? Is it possible to avoid stresses in the world we are living in today? Well, even though our life is full of unpredictable and stressful situations, you should try to distract and avoid the psychological tension. Stress has the ruining effect upon your body and health in general. The more stress you experience – the more you are subjected to illnesses. Having come back home after a hard working day, take your time to relax, communicate with your family, play with your kids, take a rest, read your favorite book or just spend time the way you wish. That’s quite simple, isn’t it?

These recommendations may seem obvious and easy if they were not so important. Just remember that, sooner or later, the autumn-winter season will come to its end and you will feel full of vitality, energy, power and joy again!

How Do You Manage to Keep Fit in Autumn and Winter?

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