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Hypnotherapy-Keys to Your Mind

Updated on January 11, 2016

The Induction Hypnotherapist

Keys to your mind is about induction hypnosis and is unclear as to the realistic approach to hypnosis. Street hypnosis is an measure of making a person go into trance by a flicker of your hand with a trigger of instructions. You shut down the conscious mind and maintain physical contact with a human and the body goes to sleep. Now, what the hell is this? Is it safe? There is no real evidence except for programs on the Internet that prove it to be true. I think this, not a proven technique that actually works. Why, for one would you like to make a person go to sleep out of nowhere? If so, why would you need someone to give you sleep? I can see it, you’re on the street, and this Induction specialist ask if I can make you go to sleep, what is your answer? Right, go right ahead and make an fool out of me. No, unless you’re stupid and have no reason. If you’re not bright enough to say no then perhaps you should let this fool attempt to persuade you into a trance, and if he does, file charges on him. Sue him, and have him put in jail for violating your privacy, and rights as a human. If this works and you are with friends, then what could the potential problems have on your sanity, could this be a source of witchery or is it magic?

After purchasing this information for curiosity sake, I was appalled by what this induction authority does. Does he have motives for proving he is an induction hypnotist? Is he using this on women to take advantage of her? This is scary stuff if this actually works. I can’t say it works or not, but it does seem like a joke and if we are succumbed to such notions that a person can touch our hand and leave us into another state of mind would be harmful. I think no entertainment value to this type of hypnotherapy. Induction therapy, maybe a need for some therapist that would use this for finding out your problems in life. I can see where this would be used for a good purpose. Supposedly, you know what you’re doing while into hypnosis by induction. Maybe some of you have been hypnotized, and can comment on this type of situation. I have only seen it performed on Television and the Internet. Never have seen this in person and if it is true.

If it is true, I would say the devil has something to do with this witchery and should not be performed by just anyone. Just imagine all the zombies we would be if someone touched our hand and said a few words and down we go. It is not real, how could it be? Do a search on google and see all these fellows that do this Induction Hypnosis. It’s not a God given talent, and would seem to be the opposite of what one should believe in.

Induction to Mind Control

Induction to Mind Control
Induction to Mind Control | Source

Induction Hypnotist

Hypnotherapy and Living in Trance

However hypnotism, is a fantastic way to learn techniques to relax and delay the pain away from your body, I subscribe to this. I am fully aware of what is going on while listening to soothing music and listening to a woman or individual counting down and up and closing my eyes. It does help with anxiety for the moment. Future anxiety attacks can be accomplished by hypnosis find this a learned response to what you have been taught with hypnotherapy. In all, it is relaxation and anyone can do this with a few minutes of time to spare. Yet to touch a human and spit out a few words to convince someone to do something that is not normal is just a bit unreal to this author.

Hypnotherapy is not a licensed profession in America, in other countries there are strict licensing laws to abide by if practicing this type of work. Induction therapy, if a true state of hypnosis could produce one to rob a bank or commit a crime and not even be aware of this until he or she is out of trance state. These induction hypnotist note that we would not do anything that we would do in our conscious state of well-being. Whom do you trust? Better off to watch this in person and see if it is for real, like on a street corner with someone you know who would not be trying to trick you. Stage hypnotherapy is another thing that is consistent with induction hypnotherapy that is hard to believe. I have seen this in person though, at a company meeting in Austin one year with participants from this large corporation, and these fellows were doing all sorts of odd things.

Our mind is constantly being hypnotized without us knowing it. We have Television advertisements and radio advertisements that remain in our heads. So the mind can be manipulated. Mind control of anything is a concern that most Americans are aware of, but we cannot do anything about it. Mind control can be used in a way to help people, but most of mind control is for you to buy or purchase, and to see things the way others require you to see things. The computer is a source of mind control with cookies that return you back to something you were searching for on the Internet, to get you back to that state of consciousness to purchase a product, or watch a program. When you seek out, for example, a product, do you see ads of what you looked at following your surfing action, when going to other places on the Internet? Check this theory out and see for yourself, , what the computer and Internet are doing to our society. Television is the worse kind of mind control, including the news. Negative news cast stream flawlessly all over the networks. Yes, negative and effective when to buy something.

There is another area of mind control that I will not enter into but if you’re smart you are aware that governments use this to control what we see and hear. That is all I will talk about when it comes to any one government. Our whole society is driven by a sort of mind altering states that will want to change our way of thinking. Our money crisis in the United States, one would have us believe that all is in charge with our economy, then you see more into it and find out that we are trillions of dollars in debt, and there is no way out. We will be shocked when this day arrives, and find out our accounts have been frozen, and all sorts of things will not be like they are now.

Power of the Mind

Power of the Mind
Power of the Mind | Source

Coping with Mind Control

Humans discover what they want, and subliminal messages are always being put out by media and individuals alike. Is it healthy? By all means no. We are in a world where computers have taken control of our lives and without them and the Internet we would be doomed. Have you ever thought about this? Could it happen? When will it happen? The computer and communications as we know it will affect our way of living, and how would we be if the Internet instantly failed this moment. Planes in the air, money in the bank, our whole lives, and money machines or ATMs would be locked, and business would be closed. The world as we know it today would cease to exist for a while.

Hypnotherapy as a whole will be enormously appreciated if used to calm down nerves and our daily lives if we learn how to meditate. Maybe it is time we found this plan of action today and be ready for the next. Do you think this is false in what I talk about? This is precisely what is happening in our world today and all mentioned in this story is so. When we begin to accept this, is when our world will turn around, yet this one article will not do this. Positive action needs to take place in our nation to be prepared for such things mentioned. We are certainly not doomed to a world of insecurities yet, answers are there if we seek them. God is one solution to this effect our society has relied upon. Humans and nature must exist in order to maintain life. All of us have forgotten that computers and cell phones are a treat, and now they are a must have for living in our planet.


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