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Kid Friendly Hearing Aids

Updated on October 11, 2014

Make Your Child Want To Wear Their Hearing Aid

We began our journey when my daughter was born. She never passed a hearing test. We've had tubes twice and at her last appointment we were informed that she was still experiencing hearing loss and would benefit from hearing aids.

Since the diagnosis, I've been talking with my 7 year old about wearing hearing aids. I've Googled hearing aids. I've researched hearing aids. Basically, I've been trying to learn as much as I can. You know what I found out? Hearing aids are pretty cool! You and your child will think the same way after you start looking. Below, I've included information on hearing aids as well as some great ways to personalize them. Check out these aids! Someone went all out and added rhinestone stickers!

Image: You can find this Turbo Ear at

What Is The Right Hearing Aid For My Child?

There are many different types of hearing aids out there, but generally the Behind The Ear (or BTE) is best for younger children. The reason for this is because of the growth children go through. The actual BTE can last for years, but ear molds will have to be fitted as needed. Usually you can tell a new ear mold fitting is needed when feedback occurs. The type of hearing aid needed will be determined by the type and severity of hearing loss. Some aids work better for mild loss then they do for severe or profound hearing loss. You will work with your hearing aid distributor to decide on what works best.

Sign Language Anyone?

Do you know Sign Language?

Bohemian Rhapsody in Sign Language

Jeroen van Oostrom
Jeroen van Oostrom

Buying Hearing Aids

A word of warning. Do not be tempted to buy online. You will need a professional fitting and adjustment. Technology is catching up somewhat for "typical" hearing loss. Aids in this case have come down in price somewhat, but for some of us we will have to pay upwards of $2000 per aid. If you find yourself struggling to come up with this type of money, then I suggest you talk with your local Lion's Club. Most have an Eyesight program and some have that and a Hearing Program to help offset the cost of hearing aids

Hear Hayleigh's Story

As Told By Helen Keller

Interesting bit of trivia, Helen Keller was my Great-grandmother's first cousin. I think that makes me her my 3rd cousin. Here is a great book with her personal letters.

Pilot Caps to Keep Baby From Taking Off Hearing Aid

My Twinn Doll

Check out this doll with hearing aids! She is adorable and will be a great motivator for your little girl! Help her learn how to care for aids by using My Twinn.

Check Out These Cool Earmolds and Hayleigh's Charm!

Check Out These Cool Earmolds and Hayleigh's Charm!
Check Out These Cool Earmolds and Hayleigh's Charm!

A New Beginning

We have yet to be fitted for hearing aids, but I think we can get a little excited about them. The Cherished Charms website after all has Hello Kitty earrings! You can also get ear molds with glitter in them! Both of these things will score big with my 7 year old! I hope she will be excited when the time comes to pick out her aids!

Update: March 2012, we are scheduled for a tympanoplasty on April 16th. She has a hole in her eardrum that just won't heal. The surgery will essentially reconstruct her ear drum. I hear it is very painful and will most likely have to cut behind her ear and move it out of the way to get to her eardrum due to the fact that she has small ear canals. I'm not sure about this. I'm going to call for a consultation. I'm getting nervous.

April 2012, we saw a new doctor due to insurance change. He said the hole was very small and expects that it will heal on it's own. Her audiogram looked good on her left ear!

Update July 2012: We had to do the tympanoplasty because the hole never healed. I am glad our doctor tried to wait it out, but he did not want the bone exposed and susceptible to infection. Surgery went well. She actually handled the pain at home without any pain medication. That surprised me. We have had two follow up visits. Her doctor says her ear drum looks great. We go back in November for her first hearing test since the surgery.

Do You Know Someone Who is Deaf?

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    • profile image

      invisibleearUtah6 4 years ago

      First time a see Earmolds and it's look so cool.I will recommend it to my friend which daughter has hearing problems.

    • mommytalks lm profile image

      mommytalks lm 4 years ago

      My husband is deaf and has worn a hearing aid since he was 3. Originally, it was 2 BTEs, but he had surgery at 16 to remove the bones (?) in one ear due to recurring infections, which eliminated his hearing in that ear completely.

      He now wears 1 digital CIC. We worried about passing things on to our children (its genetic), but our 3 girls and 2 nephews have perfect hearing thankfully.

      Just a reminder (not that you need it), my husband survived school just fine. In fact, most of his friends never even knew he wore a hearing aid. He ran a successful small business for 18 years and then went back to college for his degree and just landed his dream job!! It doesn't even slow him down ;)

    • profile image

      CatJGB 6 years ago

      Wow, that Bohemian Rhapsody clip was AWESOME! That must have been really hard work to put together but he was flawless!

      I am deaf in one ear, a unilateral hearing loss of 90db in my left ear since birth. I've made a Unilateral Hearing Loss lens if you want to check it out. Great lens, btw :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Wow, I had no idea some of them were so different! I've only seen the behind the ear types on people. I haven't seen the one that looks like goop in your ear lol cute.

    • Paul Ward profile image

      Paul 6 years ago from Liverpool, England

      For the struggle and turning it into help for others: Angel Blessed

    • amkatee profile image

      amkatee 6 years ago

      @TeacherSerenia: My daughter has small canals as well. Thanks for adding me! I'll go check it out.

    • chrisstapper profile image

      chrisstapper 6 years ago

      Just want to say you did a really great job on this! Came here via squidu.:)

    • TeacherSerenia profile image

      TeacherSerenia 6 years ago

      I am deaf - well partially deaf. I was recently fitted with a hearing aid as well. They tried to make me an in-the-ear model but because my ear canals are so small, they had to change it to a behind-the-ear model. See my lens - Growing Up Deaf.

    • profile image

      celeBritys4africA 6 years ago

      Face lift for a hearing aid. Great!

    • FanfrelucheHubs profile image

      Nathalie Roy 6 years ago from France (Canadian expat)

      Interesting page. Hearing aids are much better looking than 20 years ago. My mother in law has them and they are almost invisible.