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Knee Surgery Won’t Stop Osteoarthritis from Developing In the Knee!

Updated on August 9, 2011

Dr. Schnee, Irving Texas Cold Laser Expert, Shows How Cold Laser Therapy is More Effective Than Knee Surgery

Dr. Schnee, Dallas Cold Laser Therapist

Dr. Schnee at Her Office in Irving, Tx
Dr. Schnee at Her Office in Irving, Tx

A study being published in the August 2010 issue of the journal of Radiology followed 326 women and men over a 10 year period after they had arthroscopic knee surgery to repair torn ACL’s (Anterior Cruciate Ligaments) and meniscus tears. Initially, researchers believed that patients who had arthroscopic knee surgery would have a lower risk for developing osteoarthritis in their knee. However, this was not the case, osteoarthritis developed in the women’s and men’s knees’ despite undergoing knee surgery to fix the injuries.

On a daily basis I view x-rays from patients who have had arthroscopic knee surgeries and most of the time more arthritis has developed in the surgically repaired knee then the one that was not touched!

The bottom line is arthroscopic knee surgery will not prevent osteoarthritis in the knee, as a matter of fact most of the time it creates it. So don’t be fooled into thinking that knee surgery will save your cartilage from deteriorating.

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1. Stein, Jeanine. Surgery to Repair ACL and Meniscus Injuries May Not Reduce Osteoarthritis Risk. Los Angeles Times. June 29,2010.

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