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Updated on May 26, 2016

Stroke is a disease that a person experiences as a result of the blood supply to the brain is impaired and death of cells - nerve cells of the brain due to lack of blood flow. There are two types of stroke, haemorrhagic stroke and ischemic stroke. Haemorrhagic stroke is rupture of blood vessels in the brain that cause bleeding. Broken blood vessels usually caused by hypertension disease that causes intense pressure on the blood vessels. The blood that gushed from a ruptured blood vessel, can damage brain cells that are in the vicinity. We had to clean the blood of the brain in a way to perform surgery. While ischemic stroke is the blood flow to the brain becomes blocked because of fatty substances in the blood vessel walls accumulate. The fatty substance which accumulates causing brain cells become deficient nutrients and oxygen. Prior to the stroke, will appear symptoms. Some of the symptoms of stroke are:

1. The view of the eye begins to blur

2. Feeling dizzy and headache arrived without known why

3. Numbness in one part of the body, the left or right. Starting from the face, hands and feet

4. Loss of balance. When walking, always feel weak and staggered

5. It looks dazed and confused when invited to communicate

6. Arrive - suddenly lost consciousness

7. Frequent nausea and vomiting. As well as the increased body temperature

When a person begins to experience the above symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor to do the handling and further treatment. Because as we know, a stroke can be fatal and lead to death. In fact, stroke is also one of the 10 dangerous and deadly diseases around the world. Some causes someone to be having a stroke are:

1. Lack of consumption of fruit s and fresh vegetables

2. Too often consume fatty foods, especially animal fat with high enough levels

3. Stress

4. Lack of exercise

5. Heavy smokers

6. Easy to panic and irritability

7. Consumption of excessive alcohol

8. Hypertension, obesity and diabetes

After knowing the cause and symptoms of a stroke, we have to be careful of this disease, choose foods, and keep yourself as best as possible in order to stay healthy and fit. In addition we also have to prevent someone from stroke. There are several things that must be considered, namely:

1. Eat healthy foods. Consumption of low-fat foods and avoid meats which contain saturated

2. Keeping the weight to remain normal. If your body is obese, then it is likely to experience stroke are quite vulnerable

3. Routinely check your blood pressure. Avoid hypertension is one of the causes of stroke

4. Reduce consumption of salt that can bind to the blood in the body

5. Avoid the cause kolestreol which also can trigger stroke

6. Eliminate the bad habit of consuming alcohol and cigarettes that can make the blood clots


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