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Know Your Blood Type For Preventive Care Conversations with Medical Practioners

Updated on January 17, 2013

4 Basic Blood Types But 29 Known Blood Systems For All Humans

Knowing about your blood type can be valuable for more than one reason. I learned my blood type many years ago when I decided to donate a pint of blood when there was a high need for blood donors aftermath of a severe hurricane that went through our Fairfax Northern Virginia community.

In the process of donating blood, I also came to know my blood type, and got an assurance that due to my blood type if ever I need to donate blood to a family member for a pending surgery, I qualify to give blood to any members of my family. It's a reassurance thought.


Biologically All Humans Part of Same Family

Race, Color Not Meaninguful in Blood Types

Actually, eventhough there are 4 blood type, A,B, AB and O, among all humans, there are actually 29 known blood systems with other elments such as antigens and what is called allells.

Biologically, blood type cannot be associated with one's race, or color. Biologically all humans are par of the same human family.

A Life Saved With Blood Donors Generosity


ABO Blood Type Map of Our World


Photo Gallery

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Memory of Typhoid Fever and Development of Antibiotics - A. Lincoln's 2nd Son--Willie Lincoln Died of Typhoid Fever(likely) in February of 1862 Just As American


Abraham Lincoln Family Self Introductiion


Abraham Lincoln's Son Taken Away from Him Just As The Paiful Suffering of the Nation in The American Civil War Began - Memory of 1862


I have spend much time researching Abraham Lincoln’s family origins in Virginia and North Carolina, both his father’s family and also his mother’s family . And the tragic Civil War events for which President Lincoln was the “guardian of our trial by fire” just one generation after the birth of the nation in 1776.

The American Civil War stated in full blow in March of 1862. The President’s beloved son, Willie, 11 years old died in February, 1862, due to a illness that historians have assessed most like as Typhoid Fever. It is likely, even today, some, mostly in Africa, die of Typhoid from drinking water that has this bacteria present.

Photo Album 01__Know Blood Type

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A Gift of Life For Humanity - From a Great Mind in Science__Aexander Fleming (1881-1955)


Nearly 70 years was to pass, before a Scottish biologist named Alexander Fleming (1881-1955) was to accidentally discover a fungus, Penicillin, while studying bacteria culture in his lab. A Generation earlier, Louis Pasteur 's 2 children had died of Typhoid fever, and he studied and made finding about the "germ theory of disease" due to bacteria that no doubt was important in the work Alexander Fleming did a generation later.

There is a personal postscript for me to this story of the bacteria that causes Typhoid. In my youth in the City of Calcutta, I had contracted Typhoid fever. I was little younger than Willie Lincoln.

But fortunate for me, by the time Fleming died in the mid-50's, Fleming's discovery of Penicillin in 1929, had resulted in widespread knowledge and use of Penicillin.

So by the mid-50's when I had contracted Typhoid fever. Thus the anguish of parents when children die was considerably reduced, thanks to the gift of Alexander Fleming left behind to posterity. I am thus glad to be alive to record this personal story here for posterity now with the hope others will be inspired to find new medical solutions we need now such as Fleming's discovery in 1929.

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) Not Forgotten Today !


Louis Pasteur lived one generation earlier than Alexander Fleming in France. In the field of microbiology, the world of bacterias, virus, and other such microbes, Pasteur was a single most scientist to arrive on the scene.

Notice how the dates of his life coinside with the American Civil War 1861-1865. By the time America was in the life and death struggle, Louis Pasteur was already at work as a scientist to save lives in his own generation and later generations.

One of his gifts to humanity, Pasteurization of Milk, a process still we use today to process milk to rid of microbio pathogens that Pasteur studied in his lab and discovered in the same time period when 20% of the population, nearly 6 million people out of 30 million died as direct result of the terrible pain and suffering just 4 or 5 generations ago from now.

Evil of War and Good of passionate scientist like Pasteur who worked to save lives at the same time and same era !

An example of how good and evil in nature’s law exist side by side for humanity and all living world on Earth !

Photo Album 01__Know Blood Type

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ABO Blood Types & Microbes - __Healthy Children at Birth Conversation


It is clear the blood types in humans have evolved over millions of years of prior existence. One cannot change normally one's blood type during a life time. Blood type is inherited from one's parents and normally remains constant through life. In choosing to mate and produce children does have implications for kids born from such unions.

A matched blood type among the male and female partners produce healthy children. Thus, before a decision to have children, it is always important to know if the blood types of the mates are compatible for healthy children, given all other issues relating to inherited diseases are equal.

ABO Blood Types & Microbes__A Healthier Living Conversation


Rotavirus is a Double Stranded RNA type virus that causes inflamation of the stomach and diarrhea typically for young children, and less severe for adults typically.

Recently a university research group have reported that certain specie of Rotavirus can identify and attach to a specific blood group antigen in the ABO blood group and gain entrance to a human body. If this finding is verified by other scientists, this result in deeper understand of how microbes and bacteria gain entrance to the human body and causes certain diseases.

Surely, genes to future medicine is coming with deeper understanding of human blood types as well as possible health precautions that may be possible for a blood type that may be sustable to a certain bacteria or other microbe pathogen.

Genes to future medicine is taking shape now and can possibly help healthier life styles for those who know and understand their own blood type in the ABO Blood Group and the 29 known alleles of us humans.

A Message from Brian The Folk Singer Traveling From Old Town Alexandria VA


Sustainable American Mid-21st Century July 4-- Rapidly Advancing Upon Us - Kids are Our Future


Some Simple Tools For Emergency To Have Handy

My New Group at LinkedIn.Com - Potomac Knowledge Bridge By Cafe Twin


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    • marktplaatsshop profile image


      5 years ago

      Thank you for visiting my lens and liking it, and for sharing this info, I did learn a couple of things.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Glad I learnt something today.

      Though I know about the blood types, I was not aware of 29 blood systems.

    • peterjunior lm profile image

      peterjunior lm 

      6 years ago

      nice lens

    • TheGoGlobalBabe profile image


      6 years ago

      Very important to know your blood type - an emergency can happen in the blink of an eye!

    • OUTFOXprevention1 profile image


      6 years ago

      Great attention to an important subject!


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