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Knowing the Factors behind Overweight and Obesity

Updated on April 21, 2015

Some people are overweight or having body weight more than the normal weight than they should. Being overweight or obese can disrupt the daily activities. If a person's weight had been increasing and the person becomes overweight, they will harder to perform daily activities such as walking, running, lifting weights, thinking, analyzing, etc and overweight can make the person difficult to think, being forgetfulness, insomnia, start having irregular sleep patterns, and stress. Even for some people who overweight or obese, gain weight is usually also affect their physical appearance.

Beside affecting physical appearances, being overweight or obese is usually also affect psychological or emotional change on individuals who experience it. People who have problem with overweight or obese can be anti-social, fearful to be shunned or bullied because of their appearance, thus, all of these factors making the level of confidence decreases. Moreover, overweight or obesity may bring adverse effects to health. People who are overweight or obese prone to get high blood pressure, heart attack and diabetes. Logically, if a person's weight is increases from their normal weight than they should, then the risk of getting certain diseases also increase. When you consult to the doctors and if they think that your weight isn’t in a healthy range, they will recommend some weigh-loss programs or refer to specializes in weight management such as dietitians or weight experts.

Overweight means any person who experienced it had an excess of body weight from their normal body weight than they should compare to their height. While obesity means people who have body weight more than normal body weight that they should even have body weight beyond those who overweight. Obese people means they have a total excess of body fat accumulated on their body that makes them so big and it is considered can bring adverse effect to their health. To measure if a person is overweight or obese, usually health care professionals or weight expert will use a measurement called Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is a way to calculate the balance between weight and height. The measurement person’s weight and height also compare with the gender and age.

Obesity BMI Chart
Obesity BMI Chart | Source

There are many factors that affect overweight or obesity and not only because of bad eating habit or bad diet. Although bad eating habit or bad diet is usually the main factor in overweight or obesity where people love to consume food more than their body can accommodate or consume food that have a lot of cholesterol and fat, there are also other factors that affect people to become overweight or obese that needs to be considered. These factors including ages, hormones, gender, genetics, illness, psychological, physical activities, or environmental factors that could easily affect people to get overweight or obesity. So being overweight or obese is not just because someone likes eating foods excessively, hereditary factors can also make a person become overweight or even after having certain diseases.

By consult with the doctor or health expert who can handle the problem of overweight and obesity, surely you will be able to get and undergo the right treatment accordance with the advice and instructions given by the doctor or health expert. Don't make a decision alone because the result can be fatal if you do not understand or undergo false treatment by yourself without being accompany by a doctor or health expert. Instead of losing your weight, if you undergo the false weight loss program treatment you probably can get ill such as having stomach aches because cannot manage appropriate diet time, having fever or bone and muscle pain because of excessive exercise, etc.

Generally, treatment for people who are overweight or obese is to change and control their diet and accompanied with regular exercise to burn the sugars and excessive fat that has already accumulated in the body. Sometimes, to help reduce excess body fat for obese people or have extreme weight, a certain method of surgery must be undertaken by them if certain weight lost programs could no longer help. If you want to undergo a weight loss program, then you have to commit to a weight loss program you want to take. If not, you will not get the maximum result even you can be failed because you will not get the result instantly. You have to be patient to undergo a weight loss program. Being patient while taking a weight loss program also helps you to manage your emotions, so, you will not easily to get stressed. Furthermore, always consult with your doctor or health expert regularly in order to control your condition.


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