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Have The Advances In Technology Stopped Us From Getting To Know Our Neighbors

Updated on February 12, 2012

We Knew Everyone When We Were Children

It's sad but true. There was a time when we really knew our neighbors. When People knew not just the neighbors on either side of their house but even the neighbors down the street and a couple streets over.

As a child growing up, I would play with my classmates and we all knew each other very well. I not only know who my friends were but I also knew who their parents were by name even though we always used just their last names. What was even more scary was that my parents knew the names of my friends and their parents' as well.

I have to say I do love technology... but I hate what it has to done to us socially as a society.

Technology's Fault

Cellphones: They took away the need to drop by someone's place to ask about something.

Automatic Lawn Sprinklers: They took away the need to go outside to water your lawn and have a chance to have a conversation with your neighbors.

Microwave Ovens: They have made it conveniently easy for people to just heat up something when they are hungry and has reduced the tradition of a family sitting at the table and having a conversation with each other while having their dinner.

Video and CD Players: They have taken away family nights a the movies when the family might go out with some other friends and have a nice evening out with family and friends.

Video Game Machines: They have replaced going outside and using our imagination with the luxury of sitting on the couch and moving a controller around.

Texting: It has replaced phone calls and the chance of at least hearing someone's voice with real emotions.

With all of this said, I still love technology but it is a reminder that I must also do some of the things I did when I was younger. I must take my children to the park to let them interact with children of their own age. I must go downstairs and give more hugs to my wife instead of just text messaging her an "I love you" from my upstairs office. I might even water my lawn from time to time for a chance to meet some of my neighbors that I never met.

What's Your Opinion?

Do you think that people have closer relations because of technology?

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