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Last Day of Chemo Gifts

Updated on August 17, 2011

Last Day of Chemo Gifts

I was a brain tumor patient, and loved the well-thought out gifts the best that helped get my mind off what I was enduring and give me a breath of "fresh air" even if it was for just a minute. The gifts that allowed me to SPEND TIME with those I loved the most were even better... Like the baby book my aunt brought up to the hospital and helped me fill out about my newborn (since I had a baby 2 days before getting sick).

Make Your Own My-Fight-With-Cancer-opoly Game

With pictures and names of the "angels" aka healthcare workers and treatments and hospitals that helped you all along the way to document your Chemo journey!

I Love Chemo Clock

Of course you're counting time while doing chemo... Who wants to spend time loosing hair, vomiting and feeling horrible? This wall clock would make a great reminder or affirmation for anyone having to endure the "discomforts" of chemo ...A reminder that while you might feel piss-poor the truth of the matter is, everyone you know LOVES the chemo because it's killing what's trying to kill you. And maybe if you think enough loving thoughts about the chemo, it won't feel quite so bad.

Cool Breast Cancer Pink Martini Glass - Great for a Pre or Post Chemo Toast!

And what a great glass to keep around forever, to remind everyone how brave you were to face cancer and chemo!

Cancer isn't sexy. - But Chemo ... might be sexy.

Family, friends, caregivers and signifigant others hate that chemo makes a patient feel bad, but in the end - love that it's killing what could kill the one they love. So while cancer isn't sexy.... Getting well, and enduring the chemo very well might give chemo a "sexy" quality. This I heart chemo thong would make an excellent gift to remind your man that there is life after chemo, and you're thankful he's enduring it.

Want to share what you did or someone did for you?

Always looking for more chemo and cancer related gift ideas...

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