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Lavender: One of Nature’s Beautiful Miracles

Updated on August 24, 2012

Lavender oil is one the most popular fragerances

Lavender oil is the most popular of all essential oils, but long before modern aromatherapy methods were introduced, lavender oil was used for a wide range of therapeutic, beauty and household uses. Many modern beauty products, quality incense, household cleaners, candles, air fresheners and perfumes still contain lavender oil.

Lavender fields in France

Lavender in History

Lavender has been used throughout history for many different purposes. The Ancient Egyptians used lavender oil as part of the mummification process, while soldiers of the Roman army used the oil to disinfect wounds and aid healing.

During the Great Plague of London, many grave robbers and thieves managed to avoid catching the disease, despite handling clothing and possessions belonging to plague victims. They attributed this to cleaning their loot in Four Thieves Vinegar, a liquid containing lavender. Lavender was also used by Queen Elisabeth to treat her persistent migraines, and Queen Victoria as a fragrant addition to furniture and fresh linen.

More recently, in the early part of the 20th century, a French chemist called Rene-Maurice Gattefosse discovered the healing properties of lavender oil after plunging his badly burned hand into the oil. He noticed that the burn healed much faster, and there was far less scarring, than would normally be expected. Gattefosse went on to research the healing properties of various essential oils, and his work went on to form the basis of modern aromatherapy.

How to Make Lavender Oil

Lavender for Relaxation

Lavender contains powerful relaxant and sedative properties that can help to reduce stress levels, induce sleep and lower blood pressure. Lavender can be used to help with stress-related problems such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches and high blood pressure. Add a few drops of lavender oil to a warm bath or diffuse in an oil burner for a soothing end to the day. Alternatively, you can make a relaxing drink of lavender tea to help you unwind.

For insomnia, add a few drops of lavender oil to a small spray bottle filled with distilled water, and then spray on to your pillow before going to bed. For headaches and migraines, place a drop of oil on your temples or add a few drops to some carrier oil, such as sweet almond or avocado oil, and use to massage into your neck, shoulders and temples. For acute stress or anxiety, add a drop of neat lavender oil to your pulse points, which can be found on your wrists and the part of your neck most commonly used to check your pulse.

The Chinese and many others believe that burning lavender incense can bring a deep calmness during meditation.

There are several high quality natural incense products that are very easy to use, readily available and absolutely safe.

Lavender for Skin

Lavender contains powerful antiseptic and anti-fungal properties that can help to combat skin problems like psoriasis, acne, scabies, insect bites, cold sores, athlete’s foot, eczema, dermatitis and skin allergies. It can also help to reduce skin damage and scarring caused by cuts, grazes and burns, including sunburn. Lavender can help to promote healing of the skin, which makes it useful for scars, stretch marks and other skin damage. Use neat lavender oil on small patches of skin or add to bath water for treating larger areas.

Lavender for Common Ailments

Lavender can be used as a natural remedy to treat a variety of common ailments. It is a natural pain reliever that can help to ease backache, rheumatism, muscle aches, sprains and muscular tension. Add a few drops of lavender oil to a warm bath or add to carrier oil and massage directly into the affected area.

Lavender can also help to ease common respiratory problems, such as asthma, sinus congestion, throat infections, coughs and colds. Diffuse a few drops of lavender oil in an oil burner, massage a blend of lavender and carrier oil into your chest, back and throat or drink a mug of lavender tea to help relieve respiratory problems and relax the airways.

Lavender is a useful tonic to aid digestion and prevent digestive problems, such as acid indigestion, heartburn, stomach ache, nausea and diarrhea. Dilute a few drops of lavender oil in carrier oil and use to massage your stomach area. Alternatively, try drinking a mug of lavender tea.

Lavender Tea Directions:

1 teaspoon lavender flowers

1 teaspoon green tea leaves

1 teaspoon chamomile

Place the herbs in a tea pot or appropriate vessel with lid.

Add 4 cups boiling water and cover

Steep for 4-5 minutes.

Strain and serve.

Sweeten with if desired.

Always consult your professional health care provider.

Please ........ If you have any questions or concerns about any serious ailment always consult your professional health care provider first!

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