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Homemade Laxatives: Constipation Home Remedies

Updated on December 28, 2017
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I'm Tatiana and am a firm believer in the power of holistic healing and home remedies! Apple cider vinegar for the win!

Taking home remedies to a whole 'nother level!
Taking home remedies to a whole 'nother level!

When you gotta go, you gotta go!

But, what if you have to go, but can’t go? You are sitting on the pot just straining in pain; all the effort of pushing is fruitless, or should we say stool-less?

You suddenly find yourself in a sticky situation and have not a single store-bought laxative around.

So now what do you do? Your lifelines of 50/50, phone a friend, and polling an audience will not help you in this type of situation, unless you want everyone to know your business, or lack thereof.

You must rummage through your cabinets and find something that will work!

Try a few of these relieving homemade laxative recipes, and loosen up a little, will you?

Constipation Home Remedies

  • Epsom salt: That stuff that you would normally use as a bath soak for sprains and bruises also works for short-term constipation relief! Though soaking in it will feel nice, this is not how it will help your specific issue. In order to use this as a homemade laxative recipe, you must dissolve two to four teaspoons into an 8 ounce glass of water and drink it down.

  • Sea salt: If you have this in your cabinet, then you’re in luck! Much like the epsom salt, mix a few teaspoons into a glass of warm water and then play the waiting game.

  • Castor oil: Not the most pleasant, but neither is being backed up. Mix two tablespoons of this stuff into an 8 ounce glass of water and drink it down.

  • Prunes and prune juice: Eating some prunes and drinking some prune juice throughout the day can really help get things moving. Try them in a smoothie with other fruits and veggies and experience bathroom bliss!

  • Smoothies with flaxseed: Try green smoothies for smooth sailing in the bathroom. Flax seeds work wonders for constipation, and ground up into a smoothie that’s loaded with fiber, it should help ease the constipation. Try this: 2 cups of greens (spinach or kale work well), 2 apples, 1 ripe banana, 2 cups of almond or coconut milk, 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil, 2-3 ice cubes, blend it all up and drink it all throughout the day.

  • Apples: Ever hear that saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well this is especially true when it comes to the bathroom blues. Eat an apple once or twice a day; they are loaded with fiber and will surely start get things moving!

  • Hot water: Yes, that’s right, just hot water. Everyone has water. A lot of people swear by this one; you just drink a glass of water in the morning, as hot as you can take it, and it should help move the bowels.

  • DIY enema: If you have the tools to perform your own enema and have done so before, try the olive oil emena. Mix two tablespoons of olive oil with one and a half liters of warm water, 104 degrees fahrenheit is the ideal temperature. This will not only soften the stools, but also act as a lubricant to further assist in purging the backup.

More Tips to Find Relief

The best remedy for constipation is preventing it from happening in the first place. With just a few simple dietary tweaks, you can be reaching for the toilet paper more often than laxatives.

There are a few things that you can do to help maintain healthy bowels such as the suggestions below.

Other ways to help:

  • Drink lots of water throughout the day

  • Eat lots of fruits and veggies for that extra fiber

  • Avoid dairy products, red meat, and fried foods as these tend to be binding

Don't Give Up!

Don’t give up on homemade laxative recipes because once you find one around the house that works for you, you will never need to buy another laxative from the store again.

The best part is knowing what ingredients you are putting into your body! Okay, well the best part is going to the bathroom, but you get the drift.

After you have tried one of the homemade laxative recipes, it’s best to wait at least 4-6 hours before trying again, or trying another. You may also want to stay home in case you get a sudden, irresistible urge to go. While you are waiting for the laxative to work its magic, sit, relax, and breathe. Tell yourself “this too shall pass!”

(These recommendations are for information purposes only and are not meant to replace professional medical advice. If your symptoms worsen, do not subside, or if you are experiencing bleeding, seek medical advice immediately.)

Which Constipation Home Remedy Would You Never Try?

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