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Before You Get Out of Bed Exercises for the Lazy Woman

Updated on March 19, 2012

lazy exercise

In Bed Exercises for the Lazy Woman

I hate the very idea of exercise. You are talking with someone who tried to hide during Physical Education classes at school. Who thinks weight rooms look like torture chambers, who thinks bicycles should have baskets on the front for riding to the nearest English, or French, village for the day’s vegetables and cheese. In short, I hate the very idea of exercise.

But I also hate groaning when I have to pick something up off the floor, or having young people, usually well-mannered Latinos, jump to my assistance if I need to bend over for something.

So, my main trick is to stretch before I ever get out of bed in the morning. My body is still warm from the night’s sleep, so most mornings I can toss off the covers with little problem. Being so lazy, I definitely don’t get up and start exercising, are you kidding?! Here is the short version of my routine. Sometimes I add a bit more, but these basics will keep me, and you, from being stiff all day.

Arm raises -- I stretch both arms over my head and lower them by my sides. Both together, or one then the other, doesn’t matter.

Leg raises -- Lift one leg, then the other. If you keep your arms over your head, you stretch your middle out, which they call by that terrible name “your core.” It’s what they used to call your body, or torso, the rest is just appendages, including your head.

Stretch your whole self out, turning slightly and sensually, like a cat. Pull your knees up and turn from side to side.

And that’s the basics. If you only do that, you’ll move better and feel better, all day.

Now I’ll add 2 or 3, finishing touches. Two that tone the tummy, but mostly keep your lower back in shape. The tummy muscles (also called by that terrible nomer “your abs”) stretch around your middle and support your back too.

Exercise in the 50's
Exercise in the 50's | Source

Get to it!

Two easy extras for lower back and tummy:

1) On your back still in bed but with the covers tossed. (Yes, you can do this on the floor anytime.) Bend your knees up, then raise your bottom and thighs, just a little. Your back is pressed down on the bed and you can feel your stomach muscles contract.

A friend showed me this for strengthening and preventing problems. She and I both had back troubles before.
Do it a few times, count if you must, but you decide how many, not me!

2) After I’ve done a few bottom lifts, then I do a few head and shoulder lifts. It’s sort of a curl. I find this one more boring than the bottom lift, but the Exercise People (you know who they are) seem to like it a lot.

Extra Stretch Exercise Number 3

This one is a stretch for bending, or for making love if you should be so lucky.

Still on your back, knees bent, separate your knees with your elbows and hold onto your feet. I know this feels like you are in a vulnerable position, but you are in your own house and in your own comfy bed. Just hold that stretch and you can rock side to side if you like.

All during the day you will be able to bend over or squat down just like the lithe and graceful creature you are.

I hope these directions are easy enough to follow, even while you are still in bed.Leave a comment if you want pictures, or a video!

Here is the short version:
Arm raises
Leg raises
Tummy curls, 1 and 2.
Lazy lotus.
Get up and be thankful.


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    • bredandagnes profile image

      bredandagnes 5 years ago from Ireland

      I like the idea of this.i sometimes do a few stretches before I get out of bed but will definitely try these.

    • GDiBiase profile image

      GDiBiase 5 years ago from Portland, ME

      Great hub, exercising in bed is definitely better than no exercise at all. Thanks for the info.