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How to Lose Weight in Your Thighs

Updated on October 14, 2011
Eat right for the thighs.
Eat right for the thighs.

Embarrassing thighs gone! Sexy thighs by next summer.

Every woman wants to know how to lose weight in her thighs. They do countless hours in cardio, and although they see some difference, they still see unsightly fat and jiggle on their legs. The answer, resistance training.

What's the best exercise?

Yes, running is the best total body workout, for cardio. Cardio burns calories, not fat. Resistance burns fat, resistance meaning get off the treadmill and get into weighted training. This starts with your own body weight, and works up to actual weighted workouts. You need both cardio and resistance to see the results you so desire, especially in your legs. Legs need to be worked hard, and unfortunately so many women are afraid of weights in fear they will bulk up. This is simply a fallacy.

Bulking up, in women is actually swelling. Women do not produce enough testosterone to "bulk" with out adding some type of steroid to the body. Which we do not do, and should not do, so lets end that thought right here.

Why is there swelling?

So why are you swelling? Your diet is the reason you are swelling (again not bulking). If you are still eating too many and the wrong carbs, your body will swell after lifting weights. What you eat immediately after a workout goes directly to your muscles, so if you eat bread that is going to swell you. If you eat protein you will become lean. Its the consistency of these to aspects that will either add weight or lose weight/ swell or define. Diet plays a huge roll in how you would lose weight in your thighs, women need to know this once and for all.

Body weight, proper form basic squats, lunges, walking lunges, running stairs, step ups all these are great resistance workouts to start burning the fat on your legs. After doing a few sets of three of the listed basic moves, then do your cardio and you will see a huge difference in 2 weeks. 6 Weeks, you will have a whole new outlook on your workouts. In keeping with the proper, balanced diet with good carbs at the right times of the day and the fat will disappear from your legs. I hope this has taught you how to lose weight in your thighs.


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