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Osteoarthritis Senior Living & Body Mass

Updated on September 12, 2014
License: CC0 Public Domain Commercial Use
License: CC0 Public Domain Commercial Use | Source

Senior Women Can Be Fit and Healthy the Gradual Way

I am so glad I listened to my daughter about food. She seems to have an innate understanding of how to be fit. Back in 2012 she was explaining to me about portions for my meal plan. Basic easy to follow changes I could make, never be hungry, not use any 'diet products' or 'diets' and her advice has summed up to overall changes which have given me remarkable results. This page is about one day recently when I learned a few more things to add to my routine.

You may be wondering... who is this person? I am a nearing on 60 woman who spent most of my life near 200 pounds. Today I am 145. I spent most of my life malnourished and dehydrated (due to diets and diet products). I had it in my head that I should eat less to lose weight. Skipping meals seemed like a good idea. But, for me it wasn't a good idea. Long term conditions which are routinely rooted in malnutrition are my current reminders it did not work.

One the bright side, I am healthy today and I owe it all to some simple changes I made which at first seems like they weren't 'working' but with some dedication, research, discipline, and consistency, today I am healthier than ever.

Simple adjustments to my beliefs and results at the rate of about 2 pounds a month, have proven to be remarkable over time. If I had continued like I was I would likely be ill and in a wheelchair right now. But, I'm not going to speak a lot about what it was like or what I was doing. This page will get down to the basics of what I am doing and the results I am having NOW.

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She asked if I would be interested in a body mass evaluation.

I didn't hesitate and I'm so glad because I learned a lot.

I was walking home this morning and a girl was standing outside a shop where I have passed by countless times before. She said she was offering a free consultation which would include a body mass index and would discuss the results with me. I have often wondered about how my weight, muscle, and body fat are doing. “I would be happy to find out. When are you available?”

She replied we could meet right then if I had time. I’m so happy I had a while free and could experience this process. I’m not going to post the results here specifically, but, I can tell you I was pleased with the results, we set a couple of goals for a follow up test, along with suggestions on how to meet those goals.

Later in the day as I was thinking more about the things she told me I thought I would like to find out more about what the results means and if there are different guidelines for the results we get. For example a chart or some established goal for my height, weight, age, etc.

While I was looking for that I found this! It is an affordable digital bath scale size appliance which measures all of the areas she did for me. You can find out more on the product details page. In case something changes in that area you’ll have the up-to-date stats.

Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale – Measures Weight, Fat, Muscle, Bone & Hydration with Auto Recognition and Infant Tare Technology
Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale – Measures Weight, Fat, Muscle, Bone & Hydration with Auto Recognition and Infant Tare Technology

This is the scale Andrea used to check all of my numbers. Then she patiently explained what each of them meant and allowed me to process and ask questions.


Before I forget in case you were wondering... - This is the scale I had no idea we could have one of these at home.

With a little practice and a few more sessions with Andrea I am going to know how to use this at home.

This is the model she uses except hers is in black. I believe this one also comes in black. You can click on it and get all the details as well as what colors and I highly recommend reading some of the personal reviews there. I noticed this one has a really good high rating and over 1500 reviews.

Utilize the first hand experiences and there is also a place to ask questions if you might have any.

The results were remarkable. Now I know the next goal moving forward.

I didn't realize how much encouragement this was going to be.

One of the reasons I have wanted to know more about my personal situation, my health, is I have often struggled with weight and I have a couple of health conditions which could threaten my muscle mass and bone density. I have had a bone density test from my doctor recently and I get to find out how much I weight when I go. But, the other information was remarkably helpful.

She was able to tell me how much protein I needed each day. I discovered I have been falling about 20 grams short regularly. She also was able to tell me the calorie count for my results for a daily. Although we both agreed counting calories isn’t as important as a good meal plan and proportional services. However, I see in general how many calories I get and based on her information I may be 200 under on most days.

License: CC0 Public Domain Commercial Use
License: CC0 Public Domain Commercial Use | Source

Drink Plenty of Water Everyday

There were great results as well. It is the middle of triple digit weather here and my hydration results were great. I told her I’m drinking 6-8 bottles of water a day.. and then I showed her the bottle. I’ll be right back.

My water bottle size is 24 ounces (three cups) so on average I am drinking 144-192 ounces of water each day (summer) and at least 144 ounces all year long. My activity level is generally moving often in-between computer tasks (up to two hours sitting at maximum in one stretch). I walk 2 miles a day regularly and often more if I have appointments (up to 3.5 on rare occasions).

I would like to increase if it isn't harmful to my back. But, I am happy with the 2 miles average. There was a time when I could not walk one block. I had to walk a quarter of one block so I would have the energy to get back home.

The way I have lost weight, gained energy, improved my mobility, and improved every other area of my health is in small steps. A review of my eating (diet vs meal plan) which actually increased how much I eat overall. Which reminds me… today the woman who was reviewing my results told me something I don’t think I have ever heard before. She said “You know about the famine response our bodies have when they think there isn't enough food to sustain us?

Well”, she continued “We have that same response when we do not drink enough water.” Wow, our bodies are wired to survive aren't they? When they believe there isn't enough water to drink (because we do not drink enough) they will change our metabolism so we will not die of dehydration as soon.

What is the first area you would like to approach for your physical health goal?

Pick the priority for your lifestyle goals.

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Conclusion Summary

In conclusion: I have changed my lifestyle in small ways and the result has been remarkable over time.

I wanted to share these important take away points from my experience.

  • *Be gentle with yourself
  • *Take small steps toward your goal
  • *Get help from someone who has done this in a healthy way so you can as well
  • *Learn more about how your body is designed and what it needs to settle into your perfect health.

When I learned what my body needed to settle into a balanced condition I began to eat, exercise, and sleep enough to sustain energy and gradually redesigned my lifestyle. My body in turn realized all is well and we have no reason to retain anything we don’t burn and use each day.

Understanding how our bodies can naturally adjust and balance and then doing what we need to do to encourage internal adjustments is a gradual, healthy, and sustainable way to settle into the most perfect health we can each have.

© 2014 Deb Bryan

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