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Integrate A Lemon Detox in to Your Regimen

Updated on July 21, 2017

A lemon detox promises you higher energy levels, elimination of built up wastes, a perked up immune system, shedding of surplus, unsightly pounds and a flawless skin.

Lemons Detoxify Your System

Lemon detox assists the body in eliminating built up wastes and toxins and purifying
the blood. Lemon is packed with Vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant.

The body has an inherent ability and an in-built mechanism to detoxify and flush out accumulated wastes. Nevertheless, an over-dose of toxins, pollutants, food additives, cigarette smoke, medicinal drugs, alcohol, use of cleansing products and various other environmental poisons, hinders the body and slows down the throwing out these noxious wastes; which then tend to collect within the body.

In view of this, it is very important to support the body in the process of detoxification. Embarking on to a detox diet, every once in a while, expels all accrued wastes and prevents the development of a range of chronic degenerative diseases.

Here's Why You Need A Lemon Cleanse

Lemons are chockfull of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a very powerful anti-oxidant. In fact, experts recommend consuming one lemon daily, to get the daily dose of the vital vitamin and also assist the body in everyday cleansing.

In addition to being an excellent source of vitamin C, lemons also contain flavanoids, folic acid, potassium, vitamin B6 and limonene. Limonene is a powerful phytochemical.

  • Vitamin C is an essential nutritional anti-oxidant. It is a free radical scavenger and destroyer. Free radicals cause oxidative damage to the various cells of the body and have a detrimental effect on the cell’s DNA. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid battles free radicals and annihilates them successfully.
  • Lemons boost immunity. They fortify the immune mechanism and pep up the body’s defenses appreciably. Thus, a lemon body cleanse enhances the immune functioning of the body. A reinforced immune system fights off infections, and can better purge out lethal wastes.
  • Lemons help fight stress. The vitamin C content helps combat physical stress (work overload, fatigue, and exhaustion), chemical stress (cigarette smoke, chemical exposure, and allergens) and emotional stress (anxiety, fear, and psychological upheavals) effectively.

Lime Water Sluices the Body Clean

Improved Liver Functioning

The liver is an important organ that plays a pivotal role in the process of detoxification and waste expulsion. It gets rid of wastes matter, deadly chemicals, pollutants and cancer causing agents.

The lemon has a highly beneficial effect on the hepatocytes (liver cells). It revives and refreshes the cells and improves liver functioning. A lemon detox boosts the elimination of toxins by the liver and also purifies the blood stream.

For a lemon detox diet, begin with one lemon a day. Squeeze the juice of one lemon in to about 200 ml of water and consume. The next day make it two lemons, taken separately at separate time intervals. Likewise, have three lemons on the third day, four lemons on the fourth day and five lemons on the fifth day of the detox plan.

Next, after the fifth day, gradually, reduce the lemon intake from five to one. Experts recommend having a maintenance dose of one lemon every day.

Limes and Lemons Perk up the Working of the Liver

Why Should You Do A Detox On A Regular Basis

Embarking on to a lemon detox diet every three months will proffer the following remarkable health benefits:

  • Primarily, one observes bowel regularity and freedom from constipation. The walls of the colon are swept clean; and old fecal matter, toxic wastes and undigested food are expelled out completely.
  • Lemons help build collagen, thus, they lend a healthy glow to the skin and make the skin elastic and supple. The anti-oxidants slow down the process of aging and greatly delay its undesirable signs.
  • Flavanoids and phytochemicals ward off cancer by destroying the cancer causing agents. Limonene, potent phytochemical has demonstrated promising anti-cancer activities.
  • The immune system gets a tremendous lift. A strong immune system fights infectious agents more efficiently.
  • Lemons fight stress. Having one glass of lemon juice per day, helps cope with stress better.


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