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Let's Be Deviant! An Alternative to Eating Out

Updated on August 17, 2015

According to an article on by Ree Hines, the 10 most popular places for first dates are all food related. Her list includes places such as Starbucks, Buffalo Wild Wings, and The Cheesecake Factory. Not only are these places unhealthy for us to consume but we can use a Top 10 list such as this to take a deeper look at society, and help fight an underlining problem: obesity.

Before we continue let's take a trip back a few million years ago to when homo sapiens began our time here on Earth.

Ug bring dinner home!
Ug bring dinner home! | Source

Life was hard for humans in the beginning was hard and not "my IPhone has 1% and I don't have my charger hard" either. Early humans were hunter-gatherers, and if you hunt or fish you'll know you don't always come back with something to show for your effort.

Here in 2015 this isn't a problem because of the abundance of food we have, however for early humans a failed hunt could mean days without food. On the other hand a successful hunt not only brought food for you and your tribe, it brought a cause for celebration.

Fast forward a few million years and you'll see humans have continued to use and associate food with celebratory and social situations. It's your birthday? Have a cake and go eat at your favorite restaurant! Meeting up with old friends or coworkers? Let's get half-priced apps and drinks at TGIFriday's! Have a date night? Let's get dinner and drinks!

Can you believe what Steve in accounting said today? And where are our potato skins?
Can you believe what Steve in accounting said today? And where are our potato skins? | Source

Food is a social hub and a societal norm in our culture today. I am here to challenge you to break this norm. I am here to challenge you to be a deviant to society. Don't go and start flipping tables now, but let's think about some alternatives to going out and eating fattening foods for every occasion. Not only will it keep your wallet fatter, it will keep your waistline thinner. There could be a list for any occasion but below are my top 5 'deviant' alternatives for couples instead of a standard dinner date. Note: These ideas could also go for many other social occasion as well!

1. Take a dance class. Not only is learning a dance good for keeping your mind sharp but dancing for just one hour can burn up to 500 calories!

2. Don't even get out of bed. A day of sex has countless health benefits outside of just burning an average of 200 calories per hour. Sex has also been proven to boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, and raise testosterone levels in men.

3. Go to the gym or go on a run together. This can be good for seasoned athletes or a couple looking to get more into fitness. It is easier to stick to a fitness routine when you have someone doing it with you.

4. Try something new. Ever been horseback riding? Been to that new park yet? Toured that museum downtown yet? Do it together. Not only will you be active but you'll be building new experiences together which can help strengthen your relationships as a whole.

5. Add exercise to your existing date night. Sometimes we just want to eat, and that's OK! Try going for a walk after your meal or once you get home. Some exercise is better than no exercise. Exercise will also help you with digestion by increasing blood flow throughout the entire body.

Combating obesity doesn't mean starting an intense workout program, going on an all kale diet, or buying into the newest fitness fad. Many times the smallest changes in routine and diet can make the biggest difference.

Please feel free to share your 'deviant' date ideas in the comments below!


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    • Jyotirupa Sarma profile image

      Jyotirupa Sarma 

      3 years ago from Gurgaon, Haryana

      very informative


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