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Let's Talk Health

Updated on January 19, 2011

"We've only just begun"

Rather than dive right in to the topic of LET'S TALK HEALTH, I thought I'd spend a bit of time explaining me and getting to know you. Health is my passion, my baby and for 20 years I was involved in many areas of nursing. Then I stopped nursing, we'll go into that another time, and I began to pursue another passion, that of writing. I submitted articles to nursing publications, newspapers, was published and paid!

Yes, I am a bonafide freelancer. But, only a small percentage make a living at freelancing, the rest of us 'drool!' My steady 'gig' dried up late last year, so it's past time to find something else. Not long ago, my husband lost his job, so we both spend our days looking for gainful employment. A bit about you?

Next time, I'll provide links to some of my articles. No, what better time than the present? I don't think you want all, but one or two might help break the ice:

 Enough about me for now; it's your turn to spout off! Until later, Annnie

Holiday cheer

How delightful, how yummy and tasty is the savory flavor of eggnog when you curl up in front of the fireplace. But, does eggnog leave you with the feeling that you're coating your coronaries and one step closer to that 'big one?' But now, you have options. The link above is to a low-fat recipe so you can make your own eggnog. The recipe can also be made into low-sugar eggnog.

Another way I've learned to enjoy eggnog is to throw a bit of it (instead of cream) into my morning coffee. In the words of a friend..."sort of an eggnog latte..." Was that tasty or what! Next Christmas, I'll try the recipe and see how it fits into my coffee; but I think I'll leave the rum out!


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