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Liquid Stabilized Oxygen

Updated on December 16, 2009

Liquid Oxygen Supplement

Supplementing stabilized liquid oxygen is one of the best things you can add to your diet for your health. OxyPlus is the best, and one of the best priced liquid oxygen drops on the market.

Taking the liquid oxygen can help to alkalize your body, kill off yeast and foreign bacteria, and increase oxygen into the cells of the body.

Health Benefits of Liquid Stabilized Oxygen

Supplementing Oxy-Plus has an alkalizing affect on the body as it assists in the release of oxygen molecules in the body. This can be beneficial to help to kill off candida albicans. Due to the alkaline properties of Oxy-Plus, remember to take it between meals and not with food as it can lessen the effects on stomach acid's ability to digest food.

Liquid Oxygen Drops
Liquid Oxygen Drops

OxyPlus Drops

Stabilized Oxygen Drops

OxyPlus Drops

2 Oz. of Stabilized Oxygen Drops. This is a special formula containing Ionic Sodium Chlorite (5%). It is known for oxygenating the body which bad bacteria hate and good bacteria love.

It carries an EPA listing for use in food safety as well as an anti-microbial. The goal of supplementing liquid stabilized oxygen into the body and to the bloodstream is for its ability to kill off anaerobic bacteria and other parasites on contact with out harming tissues or normal healthy bacteria like probiotics.


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