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Lite N Easy Diet Review

Updated on January 19, 2019
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Mom 24-7 is a mother of two children who has tried almost every diet on the market!

The Lite 'n' Easy Diet - A Review

Lite n Easy is a diet company that deliver pre-made diet foods to your door on a weekly basis. This page offers a review of the Lite N Easy diet based on my own experience of using it to lose weight.

The Lite n Easy diet consists of a weekly menu of diet foods that are delivered to your door each week. You select how many calories you wish to consume from a choice of three options and ready prepared food is then delivered to your home along with a menu that tells you what you should eat at every meal of the week. Although some reheating may be required, no actual cooking is needed.


How Does Lite N Easy Work?

Every week you firstly choose the amount of calories that you would like to consume. At the moment you can choose from 1200, 1500 and 1800 calorie options. What calorie level you should choose depends on how much weight you want to lose and also how active you are. Very active people would probably find the 1200 level too little food whereas people (like me) who don't do a lot of exercise might find that they did not lose enough weight on the 1800 calorie diet.

Having picked what calorie level you want you are shown a menu (all of this can be done online). This menu shows you the options for breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day of the week. Usually there will be two options for breakfast and lunch to choose from as well as snacks so there is bound to be something that you like. Dinners are selected from a long, long list of options.

As with choosing the number of calories you can also choose how many days a week you want to be dieting. In my case I wanted to lose weight but I also wanted to be able to have days off from dieting so I chose the 5 day option and that worked very well for me. It meant that I could still go out to dinner with my husband and friends if I wanted to, but that for at least five days a week I stuck to my diet.

The food is delivered to your home and you don't need to be in. In my case the food was left in my garage in a cool box that was packed with dry ice. When I returned home I put the items in my fridge or freezer as I needed to.

What I was very happy to see was that there wasn't any cooking to be done with Lite N Easy. The most that I had to do was to reheat the food as in the case of the dinners. I actually chose the cold breakfasts most of the time because I am not keen on eating a cooked breakfast, but even these required minimal preparation.


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Is Lite N Easy Food Tasty?

When I ordered Lite N Easy I assumed that the food would be terrible. Absolutely terrible. I was prepared to put up with that though if it meant that I could get my jeans on again. So I was very, very pleasantly surprised when the food turned up and was not only edible but was actually tasty! In particular I found that I really enjoyed the dinners, which were just as nice as the meals that I cook for my family and were made even nicer by the fact that there wasn't any preparation. I was also pleasantly surprised to receive fresh fruit and fresh bread to use within my meals. I had somehow assumed that everything would be based on long life foods and that was not the case at all.

I also assumed that I would spend the whole of my diet absolutely starving when actually if anything there was more food than I wanted to eat some of the time. Every now and then I would finish a snack and still have desperate cravings right up to the next meal, but generally I would actually have to make myself eat the snacks when I wasn't really hungry just to keep my calorie count up so I wouldn't lose weight too fast.


The Big Question : Did I lose Weight?

It doesn't really matter how good the food tastes, or how much it costs, or even how hungry you are when you're dieting if the diet doesn't actually work. So here's the good news. This diet works. Of course, if what you are looking for is a crash diet, it probably isn't going to suit you. This kind of diet is specifically designed to make you lose weight at the recommended rate and for my body that is about 1kg or roughly 2lbs a week. That means that if you have a lot of weight to lose it may take a bit of time. I didn't mind that though.

For me, I wasn't even interested in crash dieting.As a mother of two small children I actually need to keep my energy levels high enough to keep up with them. My crash dieting days are long, long gone. Having said that I am not prepared to waste my money on something that doesn't work. Luckily this does. You may not lose weight quickly, but you will lose weight and actually feel healthy whilst doing it, and that is what is important.

So what are the downsides? Well, the first thing is the cost. It isn't actually too expensive, but in my case where I still needed to buy almost as much food as normal to feed the rest of my family the cost of Lite N Easy wasn't offset by anything else. Having said that it is very, very good value for what you get and is unbelievably convenient. Currently, it costs around $150 for a full 7 day menu of food. If I were a single person I would be tempted to eat Lite N Easy all the time just so I didn't have to cook! For me though it wasn't a long term possibility so I have tended to use it at certain times of year when my weight is higher than normal and I just want to do it for a few weeks to get my weight down.

The other thing that I don't like about Lite N Easy is that it is a bit inflexible. If you are on a Lite N Easy day you can't just decide at the last minute to head out to eat with some friends - or rather you can, but it might muck up your diet. If you are on a normal diet you can just choose something lite from the menu, if you are on Lite N Easy however, you already have your meal waiting for you in the refrigerator at home.

In all honesty though, these are the only two disadvantages I can think of. I like Lite N Easy, because it is (fairly) cheap, it's convenient and it works. I can't ask for much more than that.


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