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The Art of Mindfulness

Updated on December 27, 2017
Mansi Premendra profile image

Mansi, is a student of psychology. She has a degree in economics and English literature.

Has This Ever Happened With You?

Have you ever woken up determined to put an end to that long pending project, but for some reasons by the time you reach your office desk you feel mentally exhausted? Have you ever come home thinking to spend some quality time with your significant other or your kids, but the moment they start sharing something with you, you helplessly can not pay attention? Have you ever thought of calling your mother and asking her about her health, but the moment she tell you she is unwell, you hang up on her? Has your child ever came to you wanting your guidance with something that's deeply bothering him/her but you ruefully turn them down because you already have enough on your plate?


Congratulations! You are at the right place. And since, you are here let me tell you that your problem has a very simple solution. All your problems are not because you don't have enough time, a common misconception. Everyone has equal 24 hours. Its not time that you are lacking, its attention! If it were easy for you to focus on your current task, you could have saved yourself hours, thereby creating more time. In this hub I'll share with you The Art Of Mindfulness, that will help you improve your quality of life and relationships.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the act of being mindful or living in the present. Functionally, the Human brain is very complex, it works miraculously and is capable of destroying as well as creating. It works continuously, at a lightening speed. Because it is does not know how to pause, it wanders as soon as it gets free. Since, negative energies easily attract our attention, a wandering mind can seldom escape its trap.

Here is an animated explanation of Mindfulness

Mindfulness requires practice

Yes, you got it right. Its not a piece of cake that can give you instant satisfaction. It needs to be practiced on a regular basis. To reap the benefits of mindfulness, one needs to be dedicated towards practicing it daily. A few minutes of practice can save you many hours of deprived attention. Also, its been scientifically proven that meditating for twenty minutes a day for just two months, increases the amount of grey matter in the brain by 80%. Grey matter of the brain cells is responsible for focus, attention and the sharpness of the brain. The more grey matter is present in our brain, the more efficient it becomes. One of the books that was very helpful in my mindfulness journey is Mindfulness by Mark Williams. It really helped me in being mindful through the day. The author provides practical advices on how to be mindful daily for two months. If you find meditation to be a far fetched idea, give this book a try!

Do it twice a day

I know it is very difficult to carry on doing something for a long duration without any immediate result. But do it as a challenge to yourself. I understand sitting with our back straight for twenty minutes can be very daunting. So, it's better to split this twenty minutes session in two ten minutes session. Do one session in the morning and the other in the evening.

Here is a Ted talk by Shauna Shaprio on mindfulness.

How to do it?

Don't worry about the position or mudras or the mantras. Just sit down on the floor with your legs crossed, your back straight, arms stretched and wrist on your knees. Once you get comfortable, close your eyes. Try to focus on your breath and avoid getting involved in any thoughts. Its completely natural that your mind will wander off. But don't get involved with it. Just see the thoughts as they come and go. Don't get judgemental and involved. Every time you find yourself involved with a thought, just bring your attention back to your breath and focus on it. It will take some time before you can effortlessly ignore any thought that crosses your mind. But trust me, it will be one heck of an experience to enjoy.

10 Minutes to Mindfulness

Meditation retreat centers

If nothing else works you can always join a ten day meditation retreat near your location. These are free of costcost residential meditation centers which teach you the basics of meditation. You can easily find one of them around you. I have heard a lot of good reviews about these centers. So, give it a try.

I hope you enjoyed this hub. If you did please share it with everyone around you and let me know what you feel about it in the comments section below. It would mean a lot to me.




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    • Lorna Lamon profile image

      Lorna Lamon 

      2 years ago

      I really enjoyed your article with lots of different approaches to mindfulness and how to practice them. I have been practicing meditation for many years, and as a therapist I always recommend it to my clients. Thank you for sharing this informative article.


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