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How To Live A Longer Life In 3 Easy Steps

Updated on March 23, 2013

Human Longevity

Human longevity is rapidly increasing.  Each year it is higher than the year before and average life expectancies show no sign of leveling out anytime soon.  There are a few reasons for this mostly revolving around medical and pharmaceutical breakthroughs which extend life.  Other reasons for the increasingly longer life of people have to do mainly with scientific breakthroughs which identify hazards that can shorten life.  As these hazards are identified and eliminated from our lives our mortality rates increase causing us all to generally live longer.


Aside from the science and medicine of life extension there are however a few things we can do ourselves to increase our life expectancy.  Actually there are many things we can do when it comes to diet and activity level but there are three obvious steps we can take immediately which will instantly increase our life expectancy and give us the best shot possible at living a longer life.

Live Longer By Staying Happier

Happiness & Life Expectancy

One of the most interesting clinical findings in longevity science is that happier people generally live longer. This is not universal of course, nothing is, but on average if you are happy and positive by nature you are more likely to achieve long life. You can instantly reap these benefits by simply taking aim at your negative feelings and wiping them from your life. Be a more positive person; look for the good in people and try to serve them. Serving others has long been known to foster satisfaction and happiness. Other areas of your life you can focus on include developing close family ties and friendships. The longest lived people in the world have a very high propensity to have friends and especially family close to their daily lives.

Good Habits Foster Longer Life

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol Abuse

To many people the habitual nature of smoking and excessive drinking is an obvious indicator of shorter lifespans but some people do not catch the correlation. Smoking on average decreases life expectancy rates by roughly ten years. In fact if you strip smokers out of the general population the overall life expectancy rate of the entire population increases by years rather than month. Simply eliminating this habit from your life will greatly increase your chances at living longer. In fact smokers who quit in their thirties have even been shown to have life expectancies the same as those who have never smoked at all. The longer you go without the more your body heals. Quit smoking today and live a longer life.

Similarly alcohol abuse also shortens lives. The average life expectancy stats include alcohol abusers in them and by stripping them away overall lifespans increase. Excessive alcohol usage increases risk factors for nearly all mortal diseases and even increases the risks of dying by accident. Accidents kill over 100,000 people every year and many of these are alcohol related. If you are serious about living longer you should consider cutting back on alcohol usage, but only cut back. This is the tough part because it takes a firm will to have a little but not a lot. Medical research has shown that 1-2 alcoholic drinks per day can extend life. There is an element of stress relief involved with drinking as well as medicinal and nutritional value of wine. Drinking a little every day is a good thing and will help you live longer, just keep in moderation.

Safety & Longevity

Basic Safety Measures Increase Life Expectancy

Have you ever wondered why sports cars cost more to insure? To some degree this is because they are more expensive but mostly it’s because the drivers of sportscars take more risks. They drive faster and turns sharper, they don’t drive quite as defensively as mothers in minivans. This is a quick and easy illustration as to why safety measures are important for any human longevity planning. If you are prone to take risks or bypass safety measures you are simply more likely to have accidents. Accident prone people do not live longer than the rest of us. You can easily increase you life expectancy by taking simple safety measures in your daily life such as driving the speed limit and wearing your seat belt. Be a defensive driver. Have a fire extinguisher in the home. Cover your pool. Limit your extreme sports participation. Whatever it is that increases your chances of accident or injury, these are the elements of your life you should minimize or protect against.

Human Longevity Resources

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