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How to Live Life to the Fullest

Updated on March 24, 2020

Sometimes the people I meet express their boredom and exhaustion from what they are going through every day.

Such situations are sometimes the indispensable product of an industrial society and our human hypersensitive psychological mechanisms for the possible probabilities of falling out of the uncertainty of the future.

When you are optimistic and upbeat, you should probably ignore these lines because at that time you consider yourself superior to not become a lazy idiot.

However, when you boldly think about the mental exhaustion, when everything becomes too harsh, unjust, and you almost want to turn your back on everything, you will easily accept your own fragility.

If you experience real-life adversities such as sudden loss of a loved one, an accident, etc., you have reason to collapse.

However, in times of daily vulnerability that are not among those adversities, do we make fair judgments about everything?

May be true and may not be entirely.

Great bouts of boredom and impotence will come with a few minor events. Sometimes it is only because the temperature rises by one or two degrees, you become irritable, and from there escalates into a hostile look at the mistake of anyone you meet that day.

Sometimes, unfortunately, that causes human dislike.

However, it will be time for us to remind ourselves to stop pushing things to such an unnecessarily serious level.

Our brains actually give reason and thought to follow our emotions rather than to control them. That is why in pessimistic times there is always something else to be more pessimistic.

What I usually do in those situations is to start by being aware of when it happens, laughing at yourself, “I’m getting weird”, and looking for something to do, as long as I don’t need to think about the dark world then.

Fortunately, such times of the following days all become bright.

Be Satisfied with What You Have

If all of the above lines indicate the brain’s exaggeration mechanism by the catalyst of emotion, some of the main reasons for mental exhaustion and depression come from the way society operates.

We are born in modern human society, so we are pushed and swept away in the harsh currents of trends that exist between us.

We learn how to become more similar and accept common rules so we don’t get eliminated. That’s why we crave what others are craving.

Our value is measured by the nod of others and converted into money and property we own.

However, this’s not an essay to say that these things are bad or good, but the purpose is to highlight why you are so depressed and confused.

It is very difficult for us to be content with what we have when we know that someone just bought a big house.

I think you understand what I am saying. Don’t deny that you don’t care much, what I just mentioned is just an example, what I want to say is that sometimes jealousy arises that we just hide for ourselves.

Jealousy is in some ways a good motivation to help us strive and achieve goals, but in some respects, we should learn to control it to have good mental health.

To help us stop getting tired of the pictures that are constantly uploaded on Facebook and the news of billionaires on the internet, we should learn to be grateful for what we have and focus on what we are doing.

If you notice there are so many things to be thankful for, such as daily meals, the books we read, the useful knowledge from the internet that previous generations didn’t have, etc., you are actually richer than you think.

This does not mean that you accept your current situation and do nothing, which is the reason for the second advice, you need to focus on what you do. You need something to strive for.

After all, what we do gives us identity and meaning.

However, make sure that you strive and work with just enough optimism and that for the pleasure of being able to work today, don’t put too high expectations on everything and in an uncontrolled future.

Enjoy Every Moment of Life

Finally, learn to accept, live in, and find joy in the present moment.

This sounds very cliché until we practice observing ourselves and we realize how hard we find peace in the present moment.

Most of us seldom care about the present in our minds. We deal with troubling issues, worries about the future and big intrigues, or calamities that come, or a company we don’t own yet.

Life is a collection of countless moments of reality.

When you give yourself a reason to postpone finding happiness in reality, you will probably come across it and quickly get to the end.

Constantly striving and developing ourselves has never been in conflict with the joy and happiness of reality.

Today is a beautiful day, don’t waste it.

© 2020 Amy Andrews


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