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Safeguard our liver

Updated on April 2, 2012

Protect the liver

Liver Protection is very important in our life

Today’s modern lifestyle and food habits lead our lives into major struggle from various illness and thus spending money, energy for medication which intern lead into stress and tensions.

Liver is one of the main systems in the human body which controls the body most of the time. It is therefore very important to keep it in good condition always. Many of us either knowingly or unknowingly ignore this fact. At the end we realize it when the same becomes too critical and hard to cure.

Here are some tips and leads to provide awareness as to why safeguard our liver system for a healthier life.

Consumption of Alcohol and non-pure (bad quality) drinking water

Alcohol consumption, drinking non-hygienic water and food items contains pesticides and preservatives may destroy 70-80 percent of the liver cells. In the early stages there won’t be any external symptoms from which one can identify any sort of disorder to the system. By the time we realize the seriousness, it might have already destroyed the vital functioning of the liver which leads to Jaundice, Hepatitis, Liver Enlargement and many other serious disorders including cirrhosis.


Frequent consumption like alcohol etc may definitely damage the liver cells. 90% of alcohol reaches the liver. It will then turn to be carbon dioxide and water. It is a pure chemical process and produces its byproduct called acetaldehyde which will remain in liver. This substance destroys the liver cells and leads to alcoholic cirrhosis.

Simultaneously, a chemical substance forms which called as tetra hydro isoquinolines will get accumulate in the brain. This substance is an accelerator of recalling the memories in brain which will prompt the brain to remind about the consumption of such as alcohol and the human body listens to the orders given by the brain. As we all know that brain is the driver of the human body and hence the entire system in the body always listen to the brain and act accordingly.

Due to this fact a person who drinks alcohol will be tempted and forced to listen to the orders given by the brain and in turn forces to consume more and more alcohol.

Though alcohol is one of the main thing which directly affect the liver system, having non hygienic food, contaminated water etc are the causes of malfunctioning of the system and slowly destroys the cells and leads to major illness.


Modern science has invented many medical remedies for liver related issues especially allopathic include transplantation of the liver. But as we are aware the treatment, cost and time etc. are very substantial now a days. Most of the time we realize the problem at very late and hence the chances are very much limited to cure. As the phrase says ‘prevention is better than cure’ the awareness about the same is important since liver is one of the main functional areas in human body.

It is therefore always advisable to keep our liver in a better condition always. There are many allopathic treatments available and also in ayurveda, the ancient methodology of Indian medical science offers better and preventive measures for this.


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  • saday profile image

    saday 6 years ago from India

    Thanks Tom for supporting my reply.

  • tomjoseonline profile image

    Tom Jose 6 years ago from Mumbai, India

    You are absolutely right. It is not only to have a balanced diet but to do regular check ups for the same. If any irregularity found, then we can take adequate measures to prevent it. Also there are medications available for preventing the malfunctioning of our systems especially liver. I personally know many people who ignore these facts and got affected and died.

  • saday profile image

    saday 6 years ago from India

    Most of us have irate food habits. With the fast paced life that we all live, our food habits go down the drain. We even forget to have all essential nutrients. Though apparently we may keep on functioning, our organs may be failing within. The liver is one of them and this is the reason that we need to eat properly and maintain a balanced diet.