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Living Everyday With Pain

Updated on April 8, 2012

Pain Pills

Pain is an inanimate object. It is your own personal Hell. I have said this before and I mean it. The worst pain I have is the worst pain I have had. It is possible that a paper cut is the worst pain you have ever had and it was bad. The thresholds we put upon ourselves are our own and to have someone come up to you and say my pain is much worse than yours really pisses me off. I had a simple accident in 1990 that resulted in me picking up an infection to the bone marrow. To date I have had nineteen operations to my leg and three to my hip. Since then I live with pain everyday. Biofeedback and self hypnosis have helped me to get off big doses of pain medication until I lost my job in 2009. Since then I work everyday with heating pads and anti inflammatory pills and yes pain medication. Stopping work seemed to let it all catch up, or I just had nothing else to transfer my pain to. An average of 5.2 million people are addicted to pain killers. I am not one but that does not make me special. I thank God everyday. I know many people who take the pain medication. They know they only have a months supply, yet many times will take all of their pills in less than a week. They will tell you all I want is a day without pain. That does not exist. Me and my self indignation, my know it all attitude tell them “ If you have that much pain you would make them last and would get a little relief every day”. Pain is an inanimate object. They own that pain and they want no part of it so they keep chasing after something that isn't and can never be there. There have been times ,because I also have a condition called diverticulitis that sometimes bleeds and puts me in the hospital that I have had a period of time when I am given morphine or dilaudid for the intense pain. Then I feel nothing but a nagging reminder of the problem. I don;t like this feeling because I have no control. Those of us in pain have to find ways to relive the problem. If you dwell on it the problem can control over it. Doctors give us pain pills because they have no answers. The pills are addictive and the longer you take them the more your mind craves them. They know that so to resolve themselves of the problem if you get out of control and take too many or go to multiple doctors they so called “fire you”. I know many people this has happen to. My wife has been one. They tell you that you cannot come back even if you have a cold. You could jeopardize their license. Addiction centers are expensive and most insurance don;t cover them and you need a doctor to send you. They are overcrowded and the waiting list is long. If your doctor just Fired you your screwed. If you have a friend or loved one that has an addiction be patient. Don't judge them. Try to help them. Biofeedback and self hypnosis helped me. Writing has been a real help, maybe art or some other hobby will help. The main thing is to try to transfer the pain. If you can do this and it is hard it will work. It is not at all easy. From president to the bum on the street pain pills have been a problem. They are and have been addicted to pain killers. It has no borders yet people who are not addicted tend to throw people who are into one group. Addicts the scum of the earth. Remember the worst pain you have ever had could be someone else s paper cut.


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    • alzel127 profile image

      Alex Zelahy 5 years ago from Indiana

      Thank you but I am in good company many people are worse off than me.

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 5 years ago

      Your Last line sums up your Hub on Pain oh so well Alzel. I liked your advice Not to Judge, which is so true. I wish for you a little less pain in your Life, my Friend.