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How to lose ten pounds Fast

Updated on February 26, 2012

lose ten pounds by changing bad habits

This time of year many people are trying to salvage their fitness after having overindulged on too many holiday goodies. If you are one of them and would like to lose a few pounds, the easy advice I am about to give should help you achieve your goal. All it takes is the right motivation and some strong determination.

The first step is to assess your eating habits. Why? Where? How much? and When? are the questions you need to ask.

Why do you over eat? Is it boredom? Find something else that interests you or something to distract you. Take up a hobby, go for a walk, take up running(there are lots of good couch 2 5K programs free online), read a book, etc. Anything to get your mind off of eating. Do you eat when you are stressed out, depressed, or other emotional reasons for eating? Try talking to someone about what may be bothering you or start a journal. Do you eat for comfort? Maybe you need to call up a good friend or family member. If you can figure out the why, you are part of the way there towards curbing this bad eating habit.

Where do you eat? In front of the TV or computer? These are not good choices as you tend to eat more when distracted by the TV. In your car on the way to work? Again, not a good idea for the same reason and the additional reason of not focusing completely on traffic. Sitting down at the table is best as it lets you enjoy the dining experience and feel more sated than if you eat on the go or while doing another activity.

How much do you eat? This is a no brain-er, you pack in more calories than you burn up you are going to pack the excess somewhere on your body. Usually not where you want it either. You should eat only as much so as to banish hunger, but no so much as to feel overly full. Even if you over eat on low calorie food, large amounts have the affect of stretching your stomach so that in time you will need greater amounts of food to feel full.

When do you eat? Do you eat three squares a day, but eat more than you need at each meal? Or do you skip breakfast, but make up for by eating a huge lunch that causes you to fall asleep in the afternoon meeting? Some studies have shown that you are better off eating more frequent meals throughout the day rather than three large meals. The idea being that if you don't go more than 2 to 3 hours before having a mini meal or lite snack you won't ever experience the raging hunger that has you running for the vending machines or eating more than you intended at mealtime. An added benefit to these frequent mini meals is that it speeds up your metabolism. On the flip side of that, skipping meals or going 4 or more hours between meals actually slows down your metabolism. It is your body's defense mechanism to prevent starvation, but it ends up causing you to gain weight.

Now that you have assessed your eating habits, you have a pretty good idea of what habits need to be changed in order to lose some weight.Research shows that it takes 21 days to change a habit, so if you can keep at it for 21 days you will not be as likely to fall back into your old behavior patterns. How does it sound, 21 days to lose 10 pounds? It may take longer, but if you keep at it you will succeed. Pray that God will give you control over your eating. And remember two things: you are loved and you are beautiful, just the way you are

Sample Eating plan for one Day

2 eggs, 1\2 cup. of oatmeal. Fruit.
2oz of chicken or tuna, 1\2 cup of rice or potatoes.
2oz of chicken or fish, 1\2 cup of rice, salad.
2oz of chicken, 1\2 cup of potatoes
2oz of lean meat(chicken or fish), 1\2cup of rice, salad, vegtables.
Fruit of your choice.
This will work and results will be fairly quick if you stick to it. Note:If you are running or doing other vigorous exercise you will want to increase the carbs to a whole cup.


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