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Lose 10 Pounds in a Week Review

Updated on June 21, 2013

Lose 10 pounds in a Week???

Coming from the entertainment industry I have always been in the habit of watching my weight. But that being said my weight has gone up and down like anyone else out there. You really have to be in the mindset to "strip down". This is a term I like to use when you are bathing suit ready (completely based on your own standards not those on a magazine cover!) I have lost weight and gotten in great physical shape the old fashioned way as well as using snazzy new diet plans. Either way - consistency and effort is key in your weightloss journey no matter how small or lofty your goal may be.

So here it is, my latest endeavour - I have been stuck at 141 pounds (a healthy weight for my weight and frame) for some time. Last summer I consistently floated around 135 pounds until the autumn hit and I really just "enjoyed myself" putting on 11 pounds (146lbs.). I have quickly lost 5 but the other 6 have stuck!! I tried using some of my old techniques but I have grown bored of them and wasn't having much luck. So with my personal official start of summer as just 10 days away I googled and googled and finally found something that is intriguing - Lose 10 Pounds in a Week! Well the food choices look healthy and I don't have to purchase any processed or packaged food from a company so I'm going to try it!

Being someone who never waits until a Monday because I firmly believe Monday never comes, I started this at lunch time today -shortly after I found it on the internet. So my plan to lose 10 pounds in 7 days will actually be 7 & 1/2 days to complete this program.

In this article I will document my proess and let everyone knows how a moderately active, 40 year old female, at a normal body weight, who follows the diet to a tee makes out! As opposed to posting what the diet recipes are, required amounts of food, etc. blah blah blah (which of course I will follow) I will post EXACTLY what I ate. This sometimes makes a difference to people trying to lose weight, especially when they want to lose 10 pounds in a week. You often see what the diet recommends you eat but there are choices to make. I will list my choices within the plan - listing what I ate, and did, and when, and let you know my results. That way other people reading this can make adjustments according to their own personal situations. It might make a difference as opposed to what I am or am not going to accomplish!

After the week is complete I will write another article specifically explaining the diet requirements so people can make their own choices. But before I write a full article detailing a diet, I want to see if it works. Here is my documentation of fact (documentary article....).

And off I go!!!!...........

Wednesday - Day 1 (Half Day)- Lose 10 pounds in a Week
7:00am - Wake up - Did not weigh myself
8:00-8:45 - drank 5, 8oz glasses of water on drive to work from a large water bottle
10:00am - Lg Tim Horton's coffee, 1 sugar, 1 cream, 1 milk, 2 egg omlet with 1/4cup cheese and sauteed veggies


late morning drank 2 8oz glasses of water
1:30pm - 1 orange, 1 apple, 1 cup grapes
3:00pm - 1 cup hot green tea
4:00pm - 1 apple, 1 8 oz glass of water
6:00pm - 2.46mi run
6:40pm - 8oz water
7:00pm - 8oz water, 1&1/2 orange, 1/2pear

Thursday Day 2 - Lose 10 pounds in a Week
6:00am - wake up, weight 138.8 (hmmm....)
6:10am - 3.17mi run
7:30am - Best weight loss drink, 1/2 pear
8:00am - 5 8oz glasses water, 1 peach
9:00am - 1 apple
10:15am - 1 cup hot green tea, 1 &1/2 cup grapes
11:00am - 2 8oz glasses water
12:00pm - 1 cup hot green tea
1:30pm - 1 8oz water, 1 peach, 1 orange
3:00pm - 1 8oz water, 1 apple
5:15pm - 1 apple
7:00pm - 1 8oz water

Friday Day 3 - Lose 10 pounds in a Week
7:00am - wake up, weight 137.6 (I think we might be onto something...)
7:30am - Best weight loss drink
8:00am - 4 8oz glass water
8:45am - boiled medium potato sprinkled with Herbs and garlic
9:30am - 2 8oz glass water


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Anyone know what her final result was...I would like to know as I'm on day 1 of the diet. From what I read about other peoples' experiences they averaged about a 7.5lb loss in 10 days but left no details as to what they ate and when and how much.

    • profile image

      Sadaf riaz 

      4 years ago

      Here is only 3 day plan

    • profile image

      Sadaf riaz 

      4 years ago

      I did not find your 10day dit plan

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      NOOOOOO . . . . . why did it stop? it was just getting good! i want to know if this really worked.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I was enjoying it too.. do want u want to do who cares what other people thinks or feels.. everyone thinks different some people would hate it because they just want something negative.. even if other people don't agree with you writing that here they can get OUT OF HERE! PERIOD..... and let other people enjoy this..

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hello! I was really enjoying reading your review but it stopped on the 2nd day. Did you continue beyond that and did it work??

    • danceodyssey profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thanks Marissa! I'm going to put my entire experience in one long hub. I think it should be similar to what you might find in a fitness magazine - editors personal review, "look at them now" kinda deal. They've published so far so hopefully when they see that I am doing a legitimate reivew (much like a restaurant critic) I will remain published....we shall see!

    • Marisa Wright profile image

      Kate Swanson 

      5 years ago from Sydney

      Hi, and welcome from a fellow dancer. I felt I had to post, because I'm worried this Hub might get unFeatured or even unpublished because it's "too personal".

      HubPages isn't a blogging site, it's more like a magazine where you write feature articles. So a Hub explaining the 10 lb diet, or giving a review of your whole experience of the diet, would be fine, but a diary of your progress is likely to be regarded by management as not having sufficient interest to publish.

      I may be wrong, but felt I should say something just in case. It's horrible when you join a site, all excited about writing your first article, then find it's been unpublished and you don't know why - so I thought a word of warning might be a good idea. Please feel free to delete this comment after you've read it


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