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Want to Lose Tummy Fat? Advice from Fitness Experts

Updated on April 1, 2010

Are you looking for some reliable information on how to lose tummy fat?

Want to lose tummy fat? Advice from Fitness Experts

Are you looking for some reliable information on how to lose tummy fat ? If you are, then you are in the right place. Here you will find two types of exercises recommended by experts to effectively lose tummy fat fast, a scientist point of view on diets and tummy fat and you will also find some eating tips recommended by both scientist and fitness experts that will help you lose that stubborn tummy fat.

Fitness Experts and Tummy Fat

When it comes to fitness experts and tummy fat, fitness experts recommend two things, adopting a good eating habit and exercising. However, when fitness experts say exercise, believe it or not, they do not mean abdominal exercise. Fitness experts know that when it comes to losing tummy fat, abdominals are the worst type of exercise you can do to lose tummy fat. Fitness experts know that by doing crunches/sit-ups you build muscles underneath your tummy fat, which means you will not get rid of your tummy fat. Therefore, fitness experts recommend doing exercises in which the whole body is involve, not just your abdominal area. Especially high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and cardio, these to exercises are the best to lose tummy fat. (Although HIIT makes you lose tummy fat faster than cardio) Cardio and HIIT include sprints, biking, stair climbing, dancing, skiing, skating, walking, jumping rope, running, and swimming.

Scientist and Tummy Fat

During a ten year research conducted in ten different countries scientist discover that people who go on a diet, on average, only last three weeks before going back to there old eating habits. They also discover that once the individual ends the diet he/she will gain back all the weight/tummy fat they lost and sometimes more. Why? When you go on a diet you basically lower the amount of food you eat to an all time low in the hope of burning more calories. As a result your body needs to readjust to the new amount of food you intake, and once it does, it gets harder and harder to lose weight (not to mention tummy fat). Scientist, fitness experts, and even doctors recommend adopting better eating habits that will help you to permanently lose tummy fat.

Eating Habits and Tummy Fat

In today’s world a lot of individual have very bad eating habits that lead to tummy fat. The best way to lose tummy fat is by changing your eating habits. This does not mean you have to starve your self or never eat a slice of pizza, chips, or chocolate ever again to lose that tummy fat. It means that you need to eat these foods in small quantities and every so often. You also need to cut back on bad carbohydrates, saturated fats, and eat smaller portions of food during meal times. By eating the appropriate foods each day, you will lose tummy fat faster and permanently.

By following these advice recommended by both fitness experts and scientist you will lose tummy fat ones and for all. All you need to is put them into practice and see that tummy fat disappear!


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