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Don't read this equals Don't lose weight.

Updated on March 30, 2013

Look Like This!

Look like this!
Look like this!

I said don’t read this, get out! You will never read my secret on how to lose weight. You can’t combat my diet with anything. Go drink your chalky diet juice and pay money for diet plans. Good luck at life not knowing how to really lose weight, I hope your rich because the money you spend will be the only thing making you lighter. You should also be depressed by now, due to the fact nothing is working for you, poor, poor soul. If your willing to read this WHOLE hub, then I will share the secrets of eating whatever you like, as much of it as you like, and how to lose weight without doing anything at all! This secret has been passed down human by human for thousands of years, but now in the year 2009 no one can understand the primitive technology that even made us survive to this date. Well now, don’t underestimate my words, don’t leave saying I’m full of fecal matter or that I am a salesman trying to sell you something, because rest assured, there isn’t a single link on this page to Amazon or eBay.

Symbol of Caveman Hunt

-Stereotype of a Caveman:

“Ugghahah!” Said the stupid caveman, who actually understood more then we do today about living correctly. Caveman make spear, caveman make hunter group, caveman have to hunt animals for food. The Caveman, at one point learned how to make fire and cooked the food, the only thing we still remember how to do. Leaving 10 people out to hunt there own meat would turn up results of 2 out of the 10 successfully catching something. Caveman runs very quickly and does a lot of work to make spears and tools from rock.

Symbol Of Today's Hunt...

-Today’s Hunt:

“Ugghahhh Honey make me a sandwich!” said the lazy couch potato watching tv.  Lazy couch potato knows nothing about hunting, unless its titled “Cabalas Extreme Hunts” and is made for a PlayStation 2 or 3. Getting all of a few trips to the bathroom, kitchen, and bed for exercise is intense for this figure. Most of us aren’t this bad, if you are then I hope you change your ways quickly, before you lose all functionality of your mobility.


Flour NO!

Now you may eat anything you like!

The Caveman ate anything he could hunt or find, as long as it wasn’t poisonous. How is it that you can eat anything you want and not gain weight? Well it depends on what you eat, how often you eat it, and what it does to your body. It also involves how you process the nutrients and what it takes to fully use it and get rid of the unusable material.

----WAIT!!! Your telling me I can eat anything I want? Isn’t that what I am doing now anyway! That will never work…what’s the catch?----

Well…there is 1 simple catch. It is what I like to call “Survivals Law”. The Caveman doesn’t have many of the things we have. There are three enemies that make us gain weight and 1 that without some we would all be dead.

You may eat anything you like, if it doesn’t contain the following:

  1. Sugar (refined and any time that isn’t made naturally by fruits and vegetables)
  2. White Flour (the body stores this the same way as sugar, in some cases even worse then sugar.)
  3. Fat (we have much more then the Caveman had available, remember he had to run to hunt for it!)

Those are the 3 notorious killers to any diet. They make the most weight out of everything. Remove sugar and white flour 99-100% out of your eating, and you will start to see a major change. So, you are allowed to EAT ANYTHING YOU LIKE, except if it contains Sugar, White Flour, or large amounts of fat. (small fat from meat mostly is ok.)

Eat as much as you like!

In the common sense, anything you eat that doesn’t have sugar, white flour, and large amounts of fat in it is ok to eat! But don’t go binge on grilled chicken and vegetables yet! Put down that fruit salad and read this already…if you eat more then a reasonable moderation to exercise rate you will gain weight. You must work it off, if you sit at an office all day you would need a lot less fat and calories as someone who is a landscaper. Its up to you to judge how much you need, if it comes down to it go by calories, but this isn’t the way to diet-it is a suggestion. Remember, for your body to function and live at all it is constantly calling upon what you eat to keep it going, so give it lots of good vitamins and food it can break down easily. Its up to you to determine how much you need to be satisfied. This isn’t a diet, it’s a method of choosing what you eat the same way humans did for thousands of years. No suffering should be experienced on this theory, other then the temptation to eat sweets.

Your allowed to eat chocolate and cake and ice cream, but you must only have a serving or less and no more then 1 a day, and not only that-you must do a physical activity to work it off because its extra fat and sugars for your body to process!  

The key to eat as much as you like is to WANT to EAT LESS not to STARVE yourself. Most people suggest having a few small meals a day to kill hunger and increase the metabolism. That’s up to you to experiment with, but I will tell you this, if you walk for a mile or two a day and you eat a pound of grapes, your never going to get fat on that. Life is a balance, and it’s the same with what you bring into your body, and in the end your body doesn’t need sugar or flour.

Lose weight doing nothing at all!

Ok, now your messing with me…no one can lose weight without doing anything at all, it’s impossible.

-You’re right. You can’t lose weight without doing nothing. Are you reading right now? Were you just clicking a mouse. Did you know you burn calories in your sleep? You even burn them in your typing and blinking. You are a factory, constantly breaking down the materials at your availability. Well, it’s a lot of calories to function all day, and its this amount scientists came up with the 2,000/2,400 calorie diet. If you eat 1,200 calories a day and nothing else, you will use more then you put in, make you lose weight. Also, from eating food that isn’t good for you, you are creating maybe constipation in your colon, slowing your bathroom rate and telling your stomach to make more fat cells to store what is coming in because it isn’t going out. If you want to lose more then a few pounds a month and your not overweight currently you need to have separate exercise of your choosing to help your body eat at what you gave it.

Eight Cups of Water a Day!

Don't forget to Drink Water!
Don't forget to Drink Water!

Ok, your theory seems to have some common sense background in it, now what do I eat?

I wish I could answer this, but everyone is different and there are more foods in the world  then I know of. I can make some suggestions though.

---> Water = this is the key to life. Drink plenty of water. Try to drink water instead of soda. It is often people eat when they are really only thirsty for this clear, calorie-less beverage!

But the soda is DIET!!! No calories and no sugar so why can’t I have it? – Read the contains section, half of that stuff will cause cancer and you don’t even know what half the ingredients are. If you wish to have a diet soda a few times a week, then that is fine.

->TIP: A Market Basket Orange Soda .5 Liter bottle has about 2 8fl. Servings. One bottle of this equals about 240 calories, 40mg of sodium, 61 (20%) carbohydrates, and a whopping 62g of sugar! Plain water has zero everything.

---> Fresh Fruits and Vegetables- They have tons of great vitamins and minerals and are great for your colon and digestive system. Try to eat fresh though, a fruit cup brought from a shelf could have 17g+ of added sugar! In the end though, a fruit cup is better then a cookie because it has vitamins, less calories, and no fat calories.

---> Don’t use packaged condiments or salad dressing, almost all condiments have sugar in them and a lot of calories for a small amount. 1 Tbsp (15g) of relish is 15 extra calories with 4g of sugar. Be on the lookout to get these sugars to zero. If you want salad dressing use vinegar+ oil.

---> Feel like your eating dessert or just a healthy snack, sugar free jello! Jell-o brand sugar free jello is awesome. Listed right on the front of the box, 10 calories per serving, 0g carbs per serving! Why do you think hospitals always have sugar free jello? That’s the reason.

Fruit Salad...Yummy Yummy!

Great snack or dessert! Heck, it can even be a whole meal.
Great snack or dessert! Heck, it can even be a whole meal.

Heres a list of food that’s ok to eat (in the right amount). (Note: This is all I can currently think of, there are many others out there.)

Rye/Grain bread, Salads, Fruits, Vegetables, Skinless chicken, Turkey, fish, water, jello, tea, small amounts of butter, vinegar+oil dressing, cheese, sugarless pop ice, sugarless Italian ice, fruit juice (no added sugar!), vegetable + fruit smoothies, vegetable smoothies, grain snacks, crystal light drinks, wraps, limited potato chips, pasta (with home made sauces, not sugary ones), fruit salad, nuts, milk.

Examples of a Day:

Breakfast: Tea, 1 slice Rye Bread, Some honey dew melon.

Morning Snack: An Apple.

Lunch: Grain Bread Turkey Sandwich, 1 slice of cheese to melt on it, complement with slice of lettuce and 2 slices of tomato. A small side salad would be good with a nice glass of crystal light.

Afternoon Snack: Carrot sticks or an orange is a good choice.

Diner: Grilled Fish with corn and green beans. A small glass of diet soda or crystal light would do great. Have a dessert of fruit salad or sugarless pop ice.

Snack: At night only eat Jello-if you must eat something else make sure it’s a fruit or vegetable and it is a small amount!

You CAN do this!

Just like Rocky did, try and don't give up and you can accomplish this!
Just like Rocky did, try and don't give up and you can accomplish this!

Things to do to actually do this.

  1. Plan out a weeks meals before you shop. Then see if that works for your budget. A good thing to do is make 4 different week plans, so you don’t always eat the same meals. This method is only as expensive as YOU make it.
  2. Have daily activities planned to get exercise.
  3. Make real goals for yourself. The human body takes about 20 days to adapt to something. After 20 days it’s wired into you. Hold off, you might be hungry at first, but don’t give up! You might need to start with more food and over days reduce the amount. Make sure you get used to the lower amount.
  4. I said this many times but I will repeat it, Drink Water before you eat, drink a lot of water all day!
  5. Get a friend if you need encouragement. Get them to do it with you or get them to encourage you.

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Well, that’s about it!

Thanks for reading! I’m sorry I have no 30 day guarantees or any special offers to get $500 for $45. I am also sorry to all the people who though this is an ad for hydroxicut or similar weight loss products. I offered you only real and useful information and I feel like I let you down. If you did get any knowledge or usefulness out of this, can you please do me a favor? I could really need a little help also if your willing to take the time…

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    • Eaglekiwi profile image

      Eaglekiwi 8 years ago from -Oceania

      Water ,yes I love it , it works big time for me . I even think it dulls ( note I didnt say erase ),my cravings for sweet food too. Great hub ,thanks. I think I looked that model up there when I was 8 yrs old lol.

    • tim-tim profile image

      Priscilla Chan 7 years ago from Normal, Illinois

      When I eat a lot of salad for lunch, I lost some weight. It is hard to lose weight anymore for me. I started walking the treadmill again. No sugar and flour, are you kindding me? I mind as well not enjoy my life! Seriously, I know people who can and lost weight. Great hub, like the sense of humor! Thanks for sharing!

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