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10 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss - How to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Updated on November 1, 2010

Weight Loss Tips

There are so many places online and so many books that all share different tips on how to lose weight. I've tried many, and most don't work. I've tried the diet pills, which work fine as long as you take them, as soon as you stop, you gain the weight right back. I've tried various diet plans, but you just get frustrated that all of a sudden you want foods you can't eat.

The only thing that I've found that works, is portion control and exercising.

I've lost over 30 pounds in just a few months. I didn't lose the weight all at once, as this generally isn't the most healthy means of weight loss, but the weight was lost evenly throughout the period.

I've had many coworkers come to me and ask how I did it, and it's simple... Portion control and exercise. It is a very simple concept if you keep your mind to it and stay focused on your goals.

1. Make a goal. By setting goals, you can achieve them faster. It's better that you set small goals that lead up to a main goal. Many people try to go straight for the main goal, and when they don't see significant results, they quit. If you set mini-goals, you'll meet the goals faster, and in turn you'll continue till you meet your main goal.

2. Lose weight slowly. The faster that you lose the weight, the more potential harm you can put on your body. If you lose the weight at a steady pace, you'll be losing the weight at a healthy balanced pace.

3. Monitor the calories that you consume, as well as those that you burn off, so that you can make sure that you're not burning off more calories than you consume. Your body needs some fats to help run properly throughout the day, otherwise you'll be exhausted all the time.


4. Exercise at least three times a week. You don't have to exercise for hours, but by setting aside a good 30 minutes a day (at least to start), you'll find it easier to keep in a regular routine.

5. Make sure to vary your exercise routine. I prefer to run a few miles a few times a week, whereas other days I may focus on weight lifting, the elliptical, or the stationary bike. I, also, make sure to warm up with sit-ups and push-ups daily.

6. When you run, make sure to warm your body up. You don't want to head out the door running. I like to use the elliptical for a little while and lift some weights before running. Make sure to stretch before and after the run.

Diet and Nutrition

7. Eat less junk. The junk foods and sodas just turn into sugars in your body, so cut them out.

8. Eat smaller portions. This is a huge problem for many, as they tend to eat as much as they can, as though they'll never see food again. If you focus on eating smaller portions, you'll find that you can cut out many unnecessary and extra calories that you won't burn off in a regular day.

9. Eat more proteins and whole-grain foods. I like to eat a small can of tuna as a nightly snack, protein bars for lunch, and whole-grain rice or noodles with my dinner instead of white rice or noodles.

10. Protein shakes are a great source of nutrients, and it will help build up your muscle strength and health, while you exercise. I like to add fresh and frozen fruits to a scoop or two of the protein mix, and a little bit of water for better blending. I used to use juice, but there's a lot of sugar in most juices. Low fat milk is another option, but water is still going to be no fat or calories in comparison to milk.


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