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Healthiest way to lose weight – Diet and exercise

Updated on January 10, 2012

Losing weight is often an uphill battle for many fellow Americans and people elsewhere. Being overweight or obese is a terrible condition that affects health, self-esteem and social life. Many products on the market claim that they are very effective at helping you lose weight. However, after many unsuccessful attempts, you are starting to lose hope. This hub will help you really lose weight through healthy methods: diet and exercise. Many people are unable to lose weight with diet and exercise. So they gave up a long time ago on that method. However, what you are doing is most likely wrong so you are unable to achieve the desired result. I have seen a few people that are in great shape / skin glowing because of their healthiest way to lose weight through diet and exercise. This hub is all about how to really lose weight.

Losing weight is a painfully slow process that requires lots of effort. Diet is a big contributing factor to many overweight people. You really have to count calories, watch what you eat (Japanese foods are known to have low calories), eat more healthy foods and eat smaller portions. Nowadays, many people have the Iphone from Apple. You should put it to good use by getting an app that helps you count calories. Food that you put in your mouth is a big factor to excessive weight gain. You should stop or significantly decrease the trips to fast food joints and other restaurants known to serve giant portions. Cooking your own food is a great way to help you lose weight because you have all the control. Lastly, portion control is key. Even though you get big portions, you have to tell yourself to stop eating after about ¾ full. When you practice these tips everyday, you will notice results in 1 month to 3 months. If you don't see results after 2 or 3 months, don't give up. Men lose weight faster than woman because of their metabolism. Don't be too hard on yourself and keep doing your best with the diet.

Does pre packaged foods like Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice help with weight lost efforts? My answer is yes because I know people that have lost weight through eating these pre packaged foods. However, it is somewhat difficult to stick to these foods for lunch because the portion size (they are very good at calories control) is pretty small. What I recommend for long term purposes is to add fruits or low-fat yogurt to fill up the empty spaces in the stomach. This really works out well because you will for sure see results with consistent calories control diet. Many people are thinking, why can't I lose weight with diet and exercise, I did count calories and do some exercise. If you are doing a very good job at the diet part, you are not doing the right exercises to properly burn off the excess calories.

Once you take in the calories, you have to burn it off. Overweight and obese people have slower metabolisms that burn off calories slower. Whatever the case is for you, you have to implement a useful exercise program for yourself. It would be useless if I just say get a gym membership. What are the most effective ways to lose weight? Running and swimming are the best ways to lose weight. If you run at least 3 to 5 miles every week, you will be able to shed unwanted weight. You can choose to get a gym membership to run on the treadmill or just run around your neighborhood. Many people cannot keep up or don't have the motivation to run. Swimming might be an easier option if you have a pool yourself or utilize the one in the gym. But you will have to keep it up with swimming for at least 30 minutes each day. There are no other exercise that will give you the same results as running and swimming. The best way is to get other overweight people to join you so you guys can help each other out. I have a friend that lost significant amount of weight by just eating right, eating less and running. At this point, some people might say that they are dieting and exercising but still not losing weight. Here is the problem, it has to be consistent and frequent for exercising to take effect. Be patient for the results, it will not happen over a week.

Lastly, you will have to find other overweight and obese friends to lose weight together. If you try it yourself, chances are you will stop after a while when you don't see results. When others join you, you can motivate each other to keep on working hard toward the same goal. Another great thing to do is keeping a journal of all weight lost related things. For example, you can write about your diet, exercise and the amount of weight you already lost. I know people at my workplace that have organized themselves to lose weight together. Lastly, diet and exercise are the healthiest ways to lose weight. By doing it with other people increases your chances of success.


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