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How To Lose Weight in Two Weeks Fast

Updated on April 19, 2011

Carbohydrates, sweets and fats are the real culprits why the body stores extra fat in the body. If we eat more than what our body needs, this excess amount becomes stored in the body and the body parts where they are accumulated are in the thighs, tummy, upper arms and back. The best tip is to lessen you carbohydrates intake.

If you eat rice, cut down the amount of rice that you eat in every meal into half. It is normal that your body will have the feeling of being hungry all the time. At this stage, your body is craving for more carbohydrates as it was used to the usual amount that you had been eating. If this happens, try eating vegetable snacks. You can either eat a vegetable salad with your favorite dressing or eat fruits. If you eat a vegetable salad, minimize on your dressing as it is also rich in fats. Your body will slowly adjust to the lesser amount of carbohydrates until it will be used to the lesser intake already. When the time comes that you would eat more, you tummy will have a feeling of being full which would signal you to stop eating already. I'm writing this hub from my own experience that's why I can really say that it works. My officemates, even my superiors noticed that I lost so much fat using this method.

Dieting is good for our body and choosing the right foods to eat is necessary. If we want to have a healthy and lean body, it is necessary that we discipline ourselves. Our weight lose goal will even become faster if we exercise at the same time. The easiest fom of exercise is to use the treadmill for an hour. You can also jog or brisk walk early in the morning if it is safe where you live. In my case, I mixed different dances and exercises.

I did Latin dance, Belly dancing, abs and buns workouts and the Tahitian and Hula workouts by Kili. I alternate them everyday depending on which exercise or dance I feel doing in order to avoid the monotony and energize me more to lose fats. The dances are great as you won't notice that you are already perspiring a lot and losing extra fats as you wil also enjoy what you are doing. It's very enjoyable and you will feel so sexy after every session. The feeling that you have lost many calories after every session is also wonderful.


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