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The Choices We Make About Our Weight

Updated on August 12, 2012

Your Weight and The Choices That Follow

If you are someone who battles with there weight, and want to lose weight, you are not alone. With an estimated 127 million US adults that are overweight, or obese this is reason to take the situation very seriously.

Weight consciousness has hit America like a ton of bricks, and many are struggling with it desperately searching for answers and results.

The American Obesity Association refers to Obesity as a chronic disease and a major public health crisis. Frankly put, Americans are dying from various symptoms that are weight-related, and are more likely to have heart related diseases than those are not.

So what are we to do about it? Especially since fast foods and convenience foods are everywhere. We live in a high tech, informational, fast moving, money hungry, and ‘I want it now’ philosophical world.

It starts with taking personal responsibility. I personally dealt with a weight problem for many years before I made any real progress or lifestyle change. You can read my article to learn more. Confessions of a Food Whore.

Losing weight is not an easy task; that is for sure. It takes persistence, will power, a change in eating habits, and a change in thought process and for some, even continued therapy. However, it can be done. What if someone said, “I’ll give you a million dollars if you lose X amount of weight by the end of the year.”

Do you think you could do it then? Of course you could. You would immediately become persistent, you would immediately change your thought process and focus completely on losing weight, you would definitely start to have a tremendous amount of will power, and your eating habits would most certainly change. So for that reason alone, it has a lot to do with motivation and your thought process on starting the journey to get into shape.

Health reasons for many are not enough for some to make a change. The reason is going to be different for each person. Another important factor in changing one’s lifestyle is asking the following question: What do you constantly think about when it comes to how you feel or look?Are they negative feelings only? If so you need to change them to positive.    

It would be wise to start viewing your entire life in a healthy way. Anything we do or say has to be related to looking good and feeling healthy and that is what some of us are not doing. We have to start acting and believing that healthy foods are good and unhealthy foods are bad. If we do indulge in junk food, we have to limit it to a small percentage of our total intake of foods.  We have to totally hate that large sugar filled donut with chocolate glaze on it that we may eat every morning, and love that green delicious apple cut up in pieces.

The mind is an amazing thing, it will believe whatever you put into it. The mind will take you on a journey through life to get more or less of what you believe and want.

11 Unique Tips on Living a Healthier Life

1. Start a journal about how you wish your life could be when it comes to weight loss or eating healthy. (this can apply to other areas of your life) In the journal, include what you could do to change your life in order to become slimmer or live a healthier lifestyle. Also write down why losing weight or eating healthier is important to you. This last part is the most important.

2. Make a commitment on paper where you sign your name and date it at the bottom. Form an exercise routine, meaning commit yourself to some form of exercise once a day or once a week. Example: I am committed to walking around the block twice a week. Place this contract on your refrigerator and inside your food cabinet. This contract can also include information from your one page letter in #1. To enhance this step, tell someone who will hold you accountable, like a friend, a husband/wife or a boyfriend/girlfriend. If you are looking for a unique way to lose weight, stroll to the bottom of this article.

3. For an entire week eat at least 1 fruit a day or/and 1 serving of vegetables a day. Increase this by 2 servings the second week and 3 servings the third week. It’s all about baby steps and progression. Want to know how to make a great tasting and extremely healthy smoothie? Click here: Healthiest smoothie on the planet.

4. For an entire week keep track of what you eat. This can help you understand your eating habits and therefore make you totally aware of what is going on with yourself.

5. If possible, get a support system. Do you know someone who you can buddy up with when it comes to eating right or exercising?

 6.  Look through your refrigerator and food cabinets. Is there too much junk food and not enough healthy foods? If it’s not in your possession, you can’t eat it.

7.  When purchasing your favorite foods, try sugar free, low calorie, or reduced calorie. I’m not big on fat free, because a regular can of Coke is fat free, so fat free doesn’t really matter in my book.

8.  Subscribe to weight loss, fitness or health magazine or newsletters. This will keep you focused on living healthier. Anything that will get your subconscious to change will therefore improve your conscious habits.

9. If you typically eat only 3 big meals a day, try 5 or 6 smaller meals a day. And always, always eat breakfast. Never skip breakfast, even if it’s as simple as some grapes, yogurt, or toast.

10. Increase your water intake. If you normally drink three cans of Coke a day, substitute one of those cans of Coke with bottled water. It’s all about the baby steps. You will be surprise how this little change will make a big difference in your life.

11. Love your inner and outer self. It’s not about being skinny. It’s all about being healthy in your own unique beautiful body.


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