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The Balance Ball Chair - How it Will Help You Lose Weight at Work

Updated on February 23, 2011

Lose Weight at Work While Sitting at Your Desk - Yes This Really Works!

The balance ball chair is a relatively new office chair that has many benefits-including helping you to lose weight.

Here you will learn why these new ball chairs are so popular, how they work and the many healthful benefits that can be achieved by using one to sit at your desk. Your boss will also love the fact that there won't even be any loss of productivity.

Balance Ball chairs are becoming a rage nowadays. The reason being that they help in building your body strength and even provide support for your back and neck. Due to this balance ball chairs are preferred by many who have to sit down and work for extended durations.

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How to Lose Weight at Work

How You Can Use Balance Ball Chairs to Lose Weight While You're Working!

First, let's look at how dire the situation is. Many workers today spend way too many hours sitting at a desk. Health professionals all agree how dangerous it is to physical and mental health when a person is sedentary and sits for long hours.

It should come as no surprise that people want to know any method that works on how to exercise at their desk.

The newest fitness rage that everyone is jumping on has to do with the balance ball chair.

This is a chair that combines two different types of technology. It combines an office chair with a fitness ball. There is a back rest just like a regular chair but the seat is the fitness ball.

The greatest thing about this type of a chair is that the mere act of sitting on it provides tons of benefits including losing weight.

These chairs come in a variety of colors with the different balls. That makes it fun and unique as your work station will be enhanced and become more personalized.

When sitting on a balance ball chair your body is constantly making a series of very small adjustments so that your balance is maintained. These adjustments are so small you hardly notice they are taking place.

The Best Balance Ball Chair - Gaiam Balance Ball Chair (Black)

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair – Exercise Stability Yoga Ball Premium Ergonomic Chair for Home and Office Desk with Air Pump, Exercise Guide and Satisfaction Guarantee, Black
Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair – Exercise Stability Yoga Ball Premium Ergonomic Chair for Home and Office Desk with Air Pump, Exercise Guide and Satisfaction Guarantee, Black

If you spend way too much time in front of your computer then this is the chair you need to own! The Gaiam balance ball chair is getting rave reviews from Amazon and many customers seem satisfied with how the balance ball chair works for their body. Check out the product!


Browse Through the Entire List of Balance Ball Chairs on Amazon - You can search for Amazon products right here on this page!

Benefits of Using Balance Ball Chairs - This Video Explains Why Balance Ball Chairs are So Popular!

What Are The Benefits of Using Balance Ball Chairs?

Some Benefits of Using Balance Ball Chairs..

Here are among just a few of the many benefits that are derived from sitting at your desk with a ball chair:

Core and abs become stronger

Improved balance

Weight loss as calories are being burned

Improved circulation

Increased energy and less mental fatigue

Proper spine alignment

Less cramping of legs, hips and feet


Tips for Buying a Balance Ball Chair...

... First make sure the chair you select will accommodate the weight of the user. Most standard chairs will work for a person up to 250 lbs.

... Some come with casters on the legs so they can roll about, others have no ability to roll.

... There are different types of back rests and adjustment variable that you will want to look over.

... Another thing to consider is also buying a special pump that will help the chair properly inflated.

Share your thoughts and views on anything related to balance ball chairs! - What do you feel about balance ball chairs? Let others know!

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I don't have the chair, but I am sitting on my exercise ball right now and use it as my office chair. I'm balancing all day long as I work online. And, its a nice work out when a tune gets me moving to the beat. :)

    • viscri8 profile image


      7 years ago

      I put your lens about the ball chair on my related lenses space to one os my own about exrcising when working on the computer. Keep well!

    • mattseefood lm profile image

      mattseefood lm 

      7 years ago

      Very innovative! HAHA! Nice one here :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I like the idea of losing weight at work. But I wonder how much weight I would really lose. However, these chairs do seem like a good idea for helping with posture and strengthening your core. My Dr. recently told me I need to do exercises to get my core stronger. If my boss will approve, maybe I will try one of these to see how well they work. They do seem like an interesting idea.


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