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Hair Systems - Best Options for a Natural Look

Updated on January 1, 2016

Restore Hair Loss

Hair Restore Secret

Telogen effluvium (TE) is a common type of alopecia that medical professionals see regularly in patients seeking hair restoration. TE is related to the growth cycle. At any point in a normal cycle, up to 20% of follicles in the scalp may be in what is referred to as the telogen resting phase. Once each follicle awakens, a new strand begin to grow, pushing out the old. In this case, too many follicles are resting at the same time, which causes hair loss and sometimes severe thinning.

Seeking a Cause

This is a concern for both men and women, as either gender can suffer from this type of thinning. The loss of density, shine, and fullness can happen rapidly and present as a great concern for the sufferer. Patients generally seek to understand the cause before deciding on a plan for hair restoration. While not all causes for TE can be determined, common factors can include:

- An accident, such as a car crash
- Surgery
- An illness, such as an infection
- Thyroid disease
- Childbirth
- Severe stress
- Vitamin, mineral, or protein deficiencies
- Menopause and hormone imbalances
- Autoimmune diseases such as Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis

In the case of any unexplained symptoms, a professional should be consulted to rule out any underlying issues. However, sometimes a cause simply is not found.

Telogen Effluvium Types

In some individuals, this is an acute condition. Many hairs are lost at a time, sometimes in clumps in the shower or while brushing, usually anywhere between one and six months following the onset of the underlying trigger event or illness. Once the problem is addressed, such as getting treatment for thyroid disease or recovering from an infection, a patient's hair should grow back on its own. In severe situations, a patient may opt for replacement prosthetics such as a wig until new growth occurs. In many cases, no further treatment is necessary.

In one chronic type, new growth does not reappear, and sufferers understandably seek to learn about their hair restoration options. A different variant of the condition is when the follicles do not stay in the telogen phase for long periods, but cycle too quickly through all phases. In this case, growing occurs, but it is shed while still very short.

Generally speaking, surgical transplantation is not a good fit for this condition. As the individual will normally have an evenly distributed thinning all over the scalp, other methods or a combination of treatments are likely to be of more benefit.

Hair Restoration Treatments

Restoring might be a many-pronged approach, especially if the underlying cause of the problem is unknown. The following may be used separately or in combination to help with self-image:

- Nutritional support for regrowth and loss prevention
- Continued treatment for any underlying medical problems
- Cold Laser Treatments to stimulate the scalp
- Integrations to enhance look, feel, and density
- When necessary, wigs can be used if the issue is not responding to other treatments

Secret to Regrow Hair!


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