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Loving Kindness Hypnosis - Hypnosis for weight loss Portland Oregon

Updated on August 5, 2016

Change Your Relationship with Food

For many of us food is plentiful. Every few hours there is, a huge collective of people who turn their attention to the pursuit of consuming food. Each of us decides how much is enough and it is totally socially acceptable to eat, regardless of whether or not we are hungry. The clock is our supervisor, and with socially acceptable impunity, we go alone or in groups to parks, restaurants, and homes, to eat. Our clocks more than our bodies dictate when we eat. The clock reminds us it is time for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We eat each meal as if it is our last rather than with the pre-knowledge of another meal coming up in a few hours.

We mistakenly accept any feelings in our bodies as hunger pangs. We use food to not feel those feelings thereby “stuffing them”. Often we find ourselves in the kitchen looking around for something to eat due to uncomfortable feelings that we do not want to feel so we look for something to soothe us, distract us. This often doesn’t work because we are not satisfied by the food since we weren’t hungry. And the feeling just comes back. How many cookies does it take to not feel anxious, lonely, and angry sad, etc. Food is not the answer. It is a habit. You have acquired the habit of self-soothing with food.

The only place you feel hunger is in your stomach. Feelings in your gut, heart, head, etc. are not about being hungry. Truth be told you are probably not hungry most of the time that you reach for food.

It’s time to change your relationship with food. It is time to stop using food to feel better that is not what it is about. It is time to stop thinking about food all the time and what you’re going to eat and where you are going to get it. Relax; take a breath, you live in a place where you can almost always get food. Food is not your enemy it is your friend. It nourishes you and taste good and satisfies real hunger. It is time to stop the Yo-yo dieting and relax. It is time to get to the source of the issue. Get to the why of it. What is the story you are telling yourself? Why are you letting your weight get in the way of a happy life? What is this obsession about? It is not about the food it is about some uncomfortable feelings you are using food to distract from. It is time to figure out why you keep doing this. It is time to get to the bottom of the over-eating, cravings, snacking. Seriously, it is time to learn to love and respect yourself and feel your feelings and deal effectively and appropriately with them. Food is not the answer to everything. It is only the answer to hunger, real in your stomach, hunger.

Hypnosis is one of the fastest growing fields in human potential and achievement used by celebrities, CEO’s, athletes and anyone wanting to break through to their highest potential.
Hypnosis is one of the fastest growing fields in human potential and achievement used by celebrities, CEO’s, athletes and anyone wanting to break through to their highest potential. | Source

Changing your relationship with food is what hypnosis with Loving Kindness Hypnosis is all about. Learn to love your body again. Change that relationship with food into a good relationship with respect and self-love. In the weight mastery program you will learn to feel your feelings and deal with them appropriately. Your relationship with food will be about nourishment not distraction.

Call for a free 30-minute hypnosis session to get you started on the road to a new and healthy relationship with food.

Call 503-289-3614 or visit here

Hypnosis for weight loss Portland Oregon

811 NW 20th Ave Portland OR 97209:
811 NW 20th Ave, Portland, OR 97209, USA

get directions

We offer you the BEST HYPNOSIS for WEIGHT LOSS, QUIT SMOKING, and REDUCING STRESS, and more, (all custom programs), in Oregon.


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