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Loving yourself for who you are.

Updated on January 29, 2016

Smile, it's the best thing you can do.

Even though I went through some stuff when I was in middle school, I can still smile to this day.
Even though I went through some stuff when I was in middle school, I can still smile to this day.

Self Esteem.

As I sit here writing this, The Winter X Games are going on in Colorado. As an avid lover of snow sports, I follow it every year. These athletes are amazing. Everyone of them. I don't have a favorite and I don't root for just one person. Earlier today, a 13 year old girl won her first X Games gold in Skiing. It made me think, what was I doing at 13. I was in middle school. Now, middle school is a life changing time for everyone. You make friends, you lose friends, puberty comes a knocking and so does pressure. I couldn't imagine winning a gold medal at that age.

During my year as a 13 year old, I had major self esteem issues. I still do and I don't think they will every go away. As a 13 year old, I was overweight, I had horrible acne and I just didn't fit in anywhere. I wasn't bullied in middle school, I was just uncomfortable. I tried starving myself, wearing make up and finally, I just gave up. I was friends with the outcasts and "losers". I didn't mind. They were my people. I'll never forget the day one of the popular guys stood up for me. I was on the bus coming home and someone threw a sucker stick in my hair! Having curly hair, it didn't come out to well. One of the popular guys stood up and started screaming at the girl who did it. I'm not sure what his motive was, but I do know I never talked to either one of them again.

Going into high school, my self esteem didn't change. If anything it got worse. High school is supposed to be "the best days of your life." The first year wasn't. The second year was a bit better and the third year was pretty good. My senior year was the best. My first year I was awkward and quiet. I didn't have but two friends and anyone who wanted to be my friend, I turned them down. By senior year, those people I had turned away, were some of my good friends. Now, sadly, I only talk to one person from high school. I love him to death. He's probably one of my best friends. I'll never let him go. He has always made me feel pretty and done his best to keep my spirits up. No we aren't dating, I have the wrong parts for him.

Self love is important. So, so important. You need to love yourself to stand up for yourself. You need to have self love so you can go make friends. Self love leads to confidence. Confidence leads to lasting friendships. I'm still working on it myself. My boyfriend is helping me with that. Whenever we go out, he always makes sure to open doors for me. He pulls out my chair, sometimes he forgets though. He calls me beautiful and pretty. I'm not one for flattery. I get embarrassed. I'm still awkward, I still push people away, but I love myself for who I am. Pushing people away has saved me from so many heart breaks, I can't even explain.

Confidence, it's beautiful.

con·fi·denceˈkänfədəns noun: confidence the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust."we had every confidence in the staff"synonyms: trust , belief , faith , credence , conviction "I have little confidence in these figures"antonyms: skepticism , distrust

  • the state of feeling certain about the truth of something."it is not possible to say with confidence how much of the increase in sea levels is due to melting glaciers"
  • a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities."she's brimming with confidence"synonyms: self-assurance , self-confidence , self-possession , assertiveness;

Trust me, there is more to life than boys and make up. This is coming from a Mary Kay consultant. I sell make up for a living. Make up cannot hide the fact that you aren't confident with yourself. It might help hide those pimples or dark marks on your face, but confidence comes from inside. You cannot be truly beautiful until you shine.

Olympic Freeskier Gus Kenworthy came out in October of 2015 as gay. He says in the article that Time magazine put out that he was scared of what the industry of Snow was going to think.

They say it’s a community of individuals and everyone is doing their own thing and it’s not a team sport, so you get to be yourself. But you don’t really,” he told ESPN. “Everyone wears a Red Bull or Monster or Rockstar cap, a T-shirt and jeans and skate shoes. Everyone drives the same type of car and listens to the same kind of music. The industry isn’t the most embracing of someone who’s different. I’m nervous about that."

He finally said, enough is enough. The boy had the confidence enough to say, Hey, this is who I am and no one can change me. I wish everyone was like that. Including myself. Confidence is going out and trying something you never have, it's going out and getting that job when you know there are more qualified people for it. It's going out on a Friday night for drinks at a bar you've never been to. It's little things. Going into work and being the best you can be, even if work is just the drive through at McDonalds. Confidence is buying that backless dress and thinking to yourself, "I can wear this and no one is going to stop me."

If you take anything from this article, please take this advice. Be yourself. My mother has told me that for years and years. I wish I could have half the confidence she has. I wish I could go rock that backless dress, but I can't yet. I don't love myself enough. I'm working on it. Go out and fight for that job. Go and rock those heels that you just bought. Go out and be yourself. The world is in a dark place right now. Be that ray of sunshine everyone needs. And for goodness sake, be an example for little kids. They need it more than anyone.

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Be as confident as the moon. It has bumps and bruises and it still shines every night.
Be as confident as the moon. It has bumps and bruises and it still shines every night. | Source
Loving yourself takes time. Follow your path and you'll find it sooner or later.
Loving yourself takes time. Follow your path and you'll find it sooner or later. | Source


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    • profile image

      Jolene 2 years ago

      Your my girl Abby...i just wish i wouldve loved myself when i was raising you so you could love you and see what i see in can be anything if you let your guard down...tell the world to fuck off and show them the heart you have..if they dont like it they can move on..its a free country right....i love you more than anything in this world..believe it