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Zero Carb 25 calorie Iced Mocha Latte FrappachinoThing

Updated on May 18, 2011
compare grocery vs bin cocoa
compare grocery vs bin cocoa
assemble your ingredients
assemble your ingredients
Almond Milk
Almond Milk
Coconut Milk
Coconut Milk
Ready To Go !
Ready To Go !

Super easy, very healthy and ridiculously cheap

You will need:

A store bought bottle of water (16 oz)

Nescafe Instant coffee

Ground UNSWEETENED cocoa powder

Stevia - SweetLeaf Brand is my choice (or your choice of non-sugar sweetener)

UNSWEETENED Almond milk (or UNSWEETENED Coconut milk if you can find it)

Cinnamon or vanilla (optional)

Measuring spoons

Small funnel

During this process, do not get the funnel wet. Hold it just above the bottle

Take a bottle of water out of the ‘frig

Drink ½ cup of the water (1/4 of the water)

Pour rounded 2 tsp of instant coffee into the bottle thru the funnel

Pour 1TBL of cocoa powder into the bottle thru the funnel

Pour 1 tsp (or 1 envelope) of stevia into the bottle thru the funnel

Cap it and give it a good vigorous shake (the better the quality of the cocoa, the harder you have to shake it to get it to mix)

Pour enough Almond Milk into the bottle to fill it

Cap it and give it a really good vigorous shake

Now check the flavor and adjust the ingredients to your taste when you make the next bottle.

Keep one in the ‘frig at all times and when you are craving an iced mocha latte, put it in the freezer for one hour. I like to check mine half way thru and uncap it to give it some expansion space. Then put the cap back on and give it some more vigorous shaking.

These are great to take to the office if you have a freezer there.

Now a thing or two about the health benefits of this drink:

I am lucky enough to have a health food store in my small town which carries bulk ingredients in bins. I buy UNSWEETENED ground cocoa powder for $4.29 a pound (but you can buy it at the grocery in the baking aisle for about $3.50 for a half pound can and you can also get some healthy stuff on line) The stuff from the health food store is such a gorgeous dark brown that I had to take a picture of it next to the grocery store stuff. The flavonoids (anti-oxidants in cocoa are greater than in any other food! It flushes toxins and free radicals which can cause cancer, chronic disease and cell AGEING! It has the power to reverse cellular damage and is also an excellent source of fiber! Pure cocoa has major cardiovascular benefits by dilating the blood vessels thereby improving circulation and lowering blood pressure and increases the levels of serotonin and endorphins in the brain. Yep!

I use Sweet Leaf brand stevia as a sweetener because it has no additives but Splenda seems to be safe so that is really up to you but NEVER add sugar or honey to this drink.

I am so lucky that my health food store carries “So Delicious” brand of Coconut milk in the carton. It is hard to find otherwise but you can go to the “So Delicious” website and they will at least tell you if you can get it near you and they have a coupon too. It is also quite hard to find the “unsweetened”. Almond milk is a healthy alternative. I like Almond Breeze because they have the unsweetened with vanilla but there are many brands. They have a coupon on their website, too. Even “Silk” has one now. Both of these “milks” are free of cholesterol and loaded with minerals, calcium and fiber and of course, nearly carb free and terrific sources of anti oxidants. I don’t want to offend anyone but why would anyone drink milk from a cow? I’m not going to elaborate on what is “in” milk (that’s up to you to find out) but for heaven’s sake, do you really want 15 extra grams of carbs? When you can get zero?

I use almond or coconut milk in my smoothies. Never use juice ! It is loaded with carbs that have no use except to be stored as fat.

Nescafe is great instant coffee they have these neat little Taster’s Choice single serving packets which I adore. They even have them in de-caf. Right now you can get a major coupon on their website too.

So? 25 calories, 2 carbs and 25 cents vs 250 calories, 15 carbs and $4.50?

The one you get at the counter is 18 times more expensive and has 10 times the calories and 10 times the carbs.


Thanks for the mug, Sis!


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    • profile image

      Sass 6 years ago

      Actually quite good!! Pleasantly surprised!! I love healthy alternatives to my favorite drinks with no animal products. Thanks so much:)

    • profile image

      Ruth Cherry  7 years ago

      Nancy is a major inspiration about health, creativity, food, and good sense. I trust everything she suggests!

    • profile image

      Chris Woodard 7 years ago

      That's my sister! She knows all about this stuff. And our aunt's nickname was "mocha" so it all kind of makes sense...