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Lupus Awareness-Making a Positive Impact on a Manageable Disease

Updated on May 26, 2014

Dear Lupus: Sharing Personal Stories

Some Facts About Lupus

Lupus can affect anyone, but statistically it impacts women more than men, and with such a myriad of symptoms it can often go undiagnosed. Here are some facts about lupus:

  • According to, 90% of all lupus patients are women.
  • Lupus is typically found in adolescent children
  • Those who are elderly and have had lupus for several years typically find the symptoms dissipate or are limited to milder discomforts. It is, however, very aggressive in younger patients.

Tie A Purple Ribbon

A purple ribbon is the official lupus awareness symbol.
A purple ribbon is the official lupus awareness symbol. | Source

Ways To Support Loved Ones With Lupus (Or Yourself if You're a Survivor)

There are many ways to support the cause of curing lupus, as well as a many was to win the daily battles for those who are suffering from the chronic symptoms. Here are a few:

  • Donate to local and national organizations. is one way to support through donation. Maybe you aren't a fan of forking over dollars. No worries; you can purchase items that aid in spreading awareness, and proceeds will also benefit research and treatment of lupus.
  • Examine your diet. There are certain foods that may trigger lupus flares. Examine your diet and consider gradually cutting out or at least reducing your intake of processed sugars and sodium so flares are less often.
  • Stay in touch with your emotional self. Like many illnesses, lupus is triggered by emotional distress. Yoga, counseling and church are some ways to stay on an even keel and maintain wellness.
  • Keep a journal of your symptoms for a trial period. Knowing when you are more prone to aches and fatigue will help you discover ways to combat such symptoms.

A Lupus Survivor Fights Back With Nutrition

Every Body Is Different

This disease can be overcome, but every person is different. It is important for all of us to pay attention to our bodies and do whatever we respond best to. Health is all about balance, and balance means doing whatever is best for our health regardless of this fast-paced society and its constant pressures. If you are suffering with lupus, there is a wealth of information complete with frequently asked questions and recipes on sites such as If you are healthy, give thanks by supporting those who are not as fortunate.

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