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Lyme Disease - Biological Weapon - Bioweapon - Warfare

Updated on December 30, 2015

Lyme Disease Infection

About six months ago, I have received a call from my mother. She was worried and quiet upset. It seems that my cousin, her niece, has been bitten by strange, tiny bug in the woods near the capital of Russia, Moscow. The bite was very strange as it was spreading very quickly all over the bitten leg. Being afraid of poisoning my cousin called the ambulance. Young doctors due to lack of experience, or due to ignorance did not manage to diagnose the signs of the illness and the worst without knowing what exactly is was, assured my cousin that it was nothing, its just an allergy and it will be better in a few days. Indeed in few days the rush stopped and the red area disappeared. Few months later my cousin started experience strange sense of physical pain. Without being able to understand where exactly was the pain and what was causing it she went to the hospital again.

After 17 blood tests and 3 different doctors she was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease and she started immediately the antibiotic course, hoping to kill the bacterium. It is stated that if Lyme disease is treated at very early stages it can be completely cured. But how early? How many hours after the bite? But how do you diagnose the Lyme disease when it can't be traced even with blood tests at early stages? Should you start taking the "might help" antibiotics? Unfortunately my cousin still has Lyme disease but she is keeping her hopes high, as it seems there have been some encouraging results with a specific method of treatment called ILADS. We have managed to find a specific doctor that practices this method and we made an appointment for my cousin. The doctor is in Poland.

One year ago I considered that two most horrifying illnesses of our times are cancer and AIDS. But after the incident with my beloved cousin I must say I have to add one more illness in my list.

The Origin of Lyme disease - Where did Lyme come from

In 1975 in a city called Lyme, in Connecticut, few children were diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. After a deeper investigation, researches found out that mostly all children started experiencing strange arthritis symptoms after a bite of ticks or after unusual strange skin rash. All kids used to play in the forest area of the city, where ticks used to live.

After further investigations it was stated that all selected ticks from the specific area were infected with an unknown bacterium (that later was named Borrelia burgdorferi).

Biological Weapon


Lyme Disease - Biological Weapon - Facts

Biological Weapon of Cold War or just rumors? It has been said that this specific disease has been created during the Cold war in USA. People always were wondering, why, during the Soviet Union Period, almost all woods across the country, were spread with strange chemicals. After the spread there always were millions of dead insects in all area. Now that the "spreads" in the woods are no longer being practiced, the quantity of people infected by Lyme disease increased in Russia. So many citizens of ex-soviet union started wondering if Lyme disease is a product of human beings and not a creation of the nature. In order to be able to understand and decide for ourselves, we need to know what exactly is a biological weapon and how it works.

Biological warfare or biological weapon is also known as germ warfare. Manually created toxins, bacteria and viruses are mostly used against humans, animals and even plants. Entomological warfare (bugs, insects) may also be considered as a type of biological warfare.

How do biological weapons work?

A biological agent should be hard or almost impossible to determined by medical tests.

  • A weapon should cause different symptoms to each victim, so medical community won't take is seriously and by this allowing the disease to be spread further through the population.
  • There should be many symptoms at the same time making the treatment or diagnose extremely difficult.
  • If the infection is spread via insects and bugs, it always seems like natural order.

So, do Lyme disease can be identified as biological weapon?.... Lets not ignore the fact that many of the Lyme outbreaks occurred near the areas of Military Facilities. Countries such as USA or Russia have long history of testing biological weapons on it's own population without of course the knowledge or "guinea pigs". In U.S within all 50 states it is absolutely legal to use weapons on population, simply because there is no such law that forbids bio-tests.

It is sad, that daily few thousands of innocent people are being infected by this horrible disease and the most terrifying is that this scourge might be a creation of human being.

Do you believe Lyme Disease is human created weapon?

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