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Magnesium and Magnesium chloride

Updated on June 18, 2013
Spinach is rich in magnesium.
Spinach is rich in magnesium.
Whole wheat bread provides you with good amount of magnesium.
Whole wheat bread provides you with good amount of magnesium.


Magnesium is a mineral that is essential for the smooth functioning for different systems of our body like muscular system, nervous system, cardiovascular system and the skeletal system. Our body gets the required quantity of magnesium from the food we take. Most of the green vegetables are rich in magnesium. Spinach, broccoli, potatoes, carrot, kale and beet greens are excellent sources of magnesium. Different types of seeds and nuts, peas and beans also contain magnesium in high amounts. Unrefined grains are good sources of magnesium than refined grains as a good amount of it will be removed during the refining process.

As magnesium is essential for many important bodily functions the deficiency of it will cause many health problems. Anxiety, panic attacks and depression occur if magnesium lacks in our body. There are chances of occurrence of Asthma. Deficiency of this critical element may result in the diseases of heart, kidney and liver. Difficulty in bowel movements is also likely to disturb you. High blood pressure, Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, migraine, sleep disorders and tooth decay are other health problems that may affect you if your blood magnesium level goes low.

Magnesium chloride

When your blood lacks in the magnesium levels magnesium supplements can be taken. Magnesium chloride is a form of this essential mineral that is used for treatment in case of a deficiency of magnesium in our body. It can be described as a versatile compound as it has got a variety of uses in a variety of fields. Health and well being, food preparation, industry and road care are some of the areas were it is being used. This compound occurs naturally in lake water, sea water and brine. But before taking magnesium chloride you should be aware of its side effects. The supplements should be avoided if you have any allergic problems or in case you are suffering from any stomach disorder or kidney disease. Pregnant women and lactating mothers should be careful while taking these supplements as it may have an effect on their babies. An overdose of magnesium chloride can also cause many adverse effects like vomiting, nausea, reduced blood pressure and reduced number of heart beat. You are likely to feel drowsiness and severe overdosing may cause coma and lead even to death. It may have reactions with the other medications you are taking. Hence it is always good to consult your doctor before taking supplements to keep your selves safe.

Magnesium chloride and medical purposes.

Magnesium chloride is for different medical purposes. It comes in the forms of capsules and tablets. It is used in many of the oral medicines and due to its incomparable nutritional value it is used as an ingredient in the formula milk for babies. It is helpful in strengthening our bones and teeth. It also aids in maintaining the blood pressure level and also prevents blood from clotting. Due to these properties it can lower the chances of a heart attack and osteoporosis. It has shown excellent healing ability in case of anxiety, depression, pains and sleep problems. Studies had shown that when the magnesium level is lower, the more is the depression in a person. A solution of magnesium chloride is ideal for cleansing external wounds. It also has to play a very important part in the formation of gastric acid in our stomach and thereby increases digestive efficiency of our system.

Other uses of Magnesium chloride

Among the other uses of magnesium chloride is the prevention of ice formation on the roads. Before precipitation, it is to be sprayed on the roads so that it delays ice formation. It keeps a check on the accumulation of ice on the roads and is of high use in the winter season. Since it does not pose any threat to the plant life along the road side it is used very commonly. The powdered form of magnesium chloride is used for dust removal in the dusty areas as it has got the tendency to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. It is used as a storage material for hydrogen. This wonderful compound is used in various industries also. Paper industry, textile industry and fire proof equipment manufacture are some of the industries in which magnesium chloride is being used.


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