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Mahkota Dewa : The Natural remedy for Diabetes

Updated on August 10, 2010

What is Mahkota Dewa?

Mahkota Dewa (Macrocarpa phaleria) means 'God's Crown', a plant from the family of Thymelaeaceae. The name given to this fruit implies that it descends from heaven, as a benediction from divinity to help mankind. God's Crown is an indigenous plant from the island of Papua (Irian Jaya) located in the far east of the Indonesian archipelago.

In Papua Nugini, which is situated in the east of Papua, more specifically in the area of Maprik about a 2.5 hour journey from the town of Wewak, a God's Crown tree was founded, about nine meters in height, bearing fruit on every branch. Some of the local residents when asked what Mahkota Dewa was used for, reported that the tree is only decorative and its fruit extremely poisonous. The same answer was given to another journalist from Kompas daily newspaper that happened to come across a similar tree in a village near Timika. It's quite ironic that the local people know nothing of this fruit that is currently being sourced by outsiders to heal many kinds of disease.

Centuries ago samples of the Mahkota Dewa tree were once transported from the island of Papua by traditional Javanese medicine men and planted in the palace grounds of Solo and Jogyakarta. These men of wisdom had apparently developed a particular way of processing the poisonous fruit to make it a useful healing source. But knowledge of this medicine remained secret and age-old recipes were kept within the walls of the Javanese palaces for generations before news finally filtered out. The Javanese referred to this fruit as 'Makuto Dewo' and Chinese herbalists named it 'Pau', the patrimony drug.

Mahkota Dewa is often used as a therapeutic healing alternative for an assortment of diseases. Healing time varies depending on the patient's body weight and severity of the ailment. A chronic disease such as cancer requires approximately eight months curing time with dosage is two tablespoons of dried shredded flesh in a glass of hot water. If the condition shows sign of improvement the dosage is lessened.

Mahkota Dewa is believed to be the natural remedies for other diseases and health ailments such as high blood pressure, impotency, insomnia, influenza, rheumatism, allergies, heart disease, bladder complaints, uric acid and liver problems. However it is important that this traditional medicine is not consumed without prior consultation with a recommended herbalist.

What are the benefits of Mahkota Dewa?

Its contains 4 useful chemical for human body;


Capable of improving the blood flow, reducing Cholestrol as well as reducing the chances of HEART Decease.


Used for neutralising body toxic.


Anti bacteria and anti virus agent. Reducing Sugar Level in blood.


Used as anti-allegic.

NATURE AND USSAGE nutritious fruit eliminate itching (antipruritus) and anticancer. Seeds poisonous. SECURITIES AND RESULTS OF RESEARCH pharmacological results showed that the extract bioactivity Phaleria BSLT method followed by in vitro anticancer screening test against leukemia cells in 1210, showed very high toxicity and potential as anticancer. Identification of the active chemical compounds in the extract obtained Phaleria lignans belonging to the group and compound polyphenol syringaresinol (Dra. Vivi Lisdawati MSI, Apt., Thesis, S-2 at the Science Faculty UL Sound Update, Wednesday, April 9, 2003).

Mahkota Dewa Coffee Mixed
Mahkota Dewa Coffee Mixed

How to use?

There are lots of Tea and Coffee mixed with Mahkota Dewa out there. My friend, who is a Doctor in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, using tea mixed as a remedy for his diabetes patients. "Its too risky to used conventional remedy as its will affect the patient kidneys and usually cause impotency for male patient" he said.

Besides, we are the distributers for Mahkota Dewa drinks here in Malaysia. It is totally HALAL and approved by the Malaysian Health Department (NO KKM 163).

Pls e-mail me at or for more informations.

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