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Make Everyday Count

Updated on January 27, 2014

The days of our lives play out like an hourglass. There is a calm as the sand moves from one part to the other. We only have so many years to live our lives, accomplish our dreams, and tackle our fears. The worse thing to experience in regret so if there are things left undone in your life, relationships not explored, and dreams that you are afraid to live I challenge you to come alive. Own what needs to be repaired and address it. Tomorrow is not promised and we must never live our remaining days with regret but more like a movie real of all the experiences, joy, and triumphs experienced over a lifetime.

Food for Thought-Viral Nova,

Here Are The Top 37 Things Dying People Say They Regret.

These are just fifteen of the regrets experienced by those who face their mortality. Life is a celebration and joy, a rollercoaster that should be experienced with excitement and wonder. The less regrets you have the more you have truly lived your life to the fullest.

What if someone told you that you have one year to live? Would you continue on the job you hate, take everyday for granted, or would your appreciation of life be completely different? Would you learn to feel and interact with the spirit of others. Would you spend time helping the charities that mean the most to you? Would you make sure to spend more time with your parents or your children? How would your life change? Regret is a horrible experience at the end of one's life, may you never regret your life. May your life never be the same after reflection.


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