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make thighs thinner

Updated on July 19, 2013
slim thighs
slim thighs

Do you want to sculpt attractive thin thighs? Keep reading while I show you a simple program to give you those slim sexy thighs you’ve been longing for:

We'll discuss cardio,leg and butt exercises , diet and natural ways to get rid of retained water.

Cardio makes thighs thinner

Cardio workouts are essential for burning overall body fat and fat on your thighs. Include a cardio workout at least 3 times per week, and go for no less than 30 minutes each time. In fact when it comes to slimming thighs, the longer the duration of cardio the better but don’t overdo it, 90 minutes are probably the maximum duration you should shoot for.

bicycling can make thighs thinner
bicycling can make thighs thinner

The best cardio exercises for skinny thighs

The best choices are jogging, bicycling and swimming

Jogging and bicycling can burn a lot of calories, but you should select flat grounds as a steep ground can stimulate muscle building and result in bulkier thighs which is not what we are aiming for here.

As for swimming, it works the whole body which helps you burn a lot of calories in addition it is known to build slender shapely muscles.

Hips and thighs exercises that make thighs thinner

A word of caution before we go into hip and thigh exercise details

The secret for slimmer thighs is not the “what” but the “how” i.e. it is not about which exercises you do for your legs rather it is about how you do them.

The main point here is doing more repetitions with light or no weights.

The more repetitions you do in your leg slimming workout the better the results.

Anatomically our muscles are composed of different types of fibers; the ones that are strong and thick are stimulated with low repetitions using heavy weights while the ones that we target in our “make thighs thinner program” are the long and slender fibers which are best stimulated with high repetitions and low weights.

This point is so important for making your thighs thinner

Now to thigh and hip routines

I will have to repeat here that some women can get really muscular legs doing leg exercises; use too much weight and you will end up with thick bulky thighs

The key to having slim sexy thighs is doing high repetitions; 20-100 are ideal

This way you will get slim toned legs instead of thick and bulky thighs

The numbers, how many how much and how often

Repetitions: the ideal rep range is from 20 up to 100

Sets: a set is the total number of reps you do on one go before you stop for rest. The ideal number of sets is 3-5 sets.

Rest time: take 1- 2 minutes of rest in between your sets.

Frequency: how often should you repeat your thigh slimming routine? Ideally this should be three times per week since the other 3 days are already reserved for cardio work.

squats for thinner thighs
squats for thinner thighs

Slimming squats

Stand tall, feet shoulder wide, arms in front of your body for balance.

Squat down slowly while keeping your back straight (sticking your butt back can help)

Push back to your starting position. Do your reps slowly and under control.

reverse-lunge slim your thighs
reverse-lunge slim your thighs

Reverse lunges

Stand with your feet shoulder wide. Step your right foot back till right knee almost touches the floor while you bend your left knee. Get back to standing position

Repeat on the other side.

Do the required number of reps and sets.

This exercise is great for quadriceps, hamstrings and butts.

front lunges make thighs slim
front lunges make thighs slim

Front lunges

Stand with your feet at shoulder width.

Lunge forward with your right foot till your left knee almost touches the floor. Step back to your starting position. Lunge forward with your left foot. Keep alternating lunges. Repeat for the planned reps. Rest and repeat for 3-5 sets.

sumo squat for toning thigh adductors
sumo squat for toning thigh adductors

Sumo squat

Stand with feet wide apart.

Squat down while pointing your knees out till your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Stand up using your inner thighs and glutes.

This exercise is great for inner thighs and glutes, in addition to hamstrings and quadriceps.

lying leg abduction for outer thighs
lying leg abduction for outer thighs

Leg abductions

Lie on your right side with your legs straight, lift your left leg up, repeat for 20-100 reps. Roll over to your left side and lift your right leg up. Repeat for 20-100 reps

This is great for outer thighs and butts

Stretch for thinner thighs

Stretching after your thigh workouts helps your muscles stay flexible and healthy and keeps your full range of motion.

In addition regular stretches can give your thighs a longer slimmer look.

Diet for thin thighs

We will not get too deep on diet discussion here.

Just try to stick to general diet advice ;

You should cut back on carbs and fats and eat more lean protein sources and lots of green vegetables and fruits to help you burn fat .

Get rid of water retention in your hips and thighs

Women can retain large amounts of water especially in their hips and thighs; this can be exaggerated around their period time. Getting rid of this extra water can help you get a slimmer sexier thigh.

drink water to lose water
drink water to lose water

Drink water to lose water

It may seem counter intuitive but it is true; drinking water can help you shed more water since your body’s defense mechanism tends to hold on to water when it is under hydrated. Shoot for 8-10 glasses of water each day for better water excretion.

cut back on salt
cut back on salt

Lower your sodium intake

Cut back on salt in your dishes, avoid canned and prepackaged foods; almost all contain high amounts of sodium .The more sodium you eat the more water your body holds to

Keep blood flowing in your thighs

Inactivity leads to water retention in your legs while moving can help mobilize that water and eventually shedding it out of your system. The cardio workouts recommended here as jogging, bicycling and swimming are all great for improving your lower body circulation and shedding excess water from your body. in addition try to keep moving throughout the day and avoid sitting for long periods , if your job keeps you sitting down for long hours ,try to take breaks every 30-45 minutes to move around even in your office.

Natural diuretics for slimmer thighs

Cucumber, parsley, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, cabbages and mushrooms are natural diuretics that can help your body lose excess water.

Supplements that help you lose water

Vitamin B6

This miracle vitamin helps your body get rid of retained water before menses and water retention due to repayment therapy and contraceptive pills.


In addition to its bone building benefits, calcium supplementation can reduce water retention before menstruation

Stick to your “make thighs thinner routine”

Changing body shape takes time, perseverance and persistence. Don’t give up, keep doing the right things, keep following this advice and you will get the slim sexy legs of your dreams.

Enjoy the trip towards a slimmer thigh

Don’t get too stressed out over the idea of gaining your thin thighs.

Try to enjoy it while you are doing it, enjoy your workouts and jogs, celebrate every inch you lose of your thigh diameter, enjoy every time you can fit into a smaller jeans size.

Ok, that’s my simple program to help you make thighs thinner

Try it and I am sure you will make your thighs thinner and sexier


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    • nasser deep profile image

      nasser deep 17 months ago

      Slow start is the way to go

    • profile image

      Vera Kneisel 2 years ago

      I am going to start slowly as I have just had a back operation and my legs are still tingling from the rods I has inserted 33 years ago where the bottom screw were pinching a nerve and grew into my spine, so wish me luck. Thank you for a beautiful well informed information, here we go spinal fusion. :)

    • profile image

      Emilychick 3 years ago

      Very useful but my sister Lilly wants to no how to do this for kids 10 younger and older what do you think

    • nasser deep profile image

      nasser deep 4 years ago

      Totally agree , lunges and squats can make thighs bigger . This is why I emphasized the importance of light or no weights and high repetitions, it was scientifically proven that high reps with low weights work the endurance muscle fibers which are naturally slim.

      And sure nutrition to lose fat is a cornerstone in any slimming program

      PS.thanks for your recommendation. I will sure check it out .

    • profile image

      thighgaphack 4 years ago

      this hub is useful, however beware - front lunges and squats can actually make the thighs bigger. It's all about losing stubborn lower body fat and avoiding exercises that tend to bulk up the thigh.

      For a more comprehensive look i would recommend the book, "The Thigh Gap Hack" (google it)