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Making Natural Air Fresheners Using Essential Oils

Updated on October 5, 2014

Essential Oil Air Fresheners

Vaporizing essential oils is a convenient and effective way to experience its relaxing and healing properties. Therefore, air fresheners made out of essential oil ingredients is becoming far more common than ever. If you want to make one yourself at home, take note of the tips below for an effective aromatherapy air freshener.

Green Air freshener

Best Oils To Use

The essential oils you use in making homemade air fresheners is a vital component in the formula. After all, they will produce the fragrances that fill your entire home when sprayed and its consequential effects on the body once inhaled. So, you cannot afford to use just any oil you can think of or is readily available to you.

Here are some of the essential oils commonly used for making air freshener recipes:

  • Eucalyptus – This is highly suggested if you want to achieve air purification for disease prevention.
  • Geranium – Aside from sweet fragrance, this will help naturally repel insects at home.
  • Citronella – This is a great way to fill your entire home with delicate but pleasant aroma.
  • Frankincense – Its antibacterial properties help to fight common bacteria and protect your family.
  • Lavender – Ideal for homes whose occupants are constantly subjected to stress due to its calming effect.

Sun Spray - Natural Air Freshener - Natural Sundae

Factors When Choosing

From the above list, you should now get a better idea on what oils should be used for what purpose. But in order to make a more accurate choice, you need to understand what factors must be considered upon choosing.

If you want to make essential oil air freshener simply because you want to achieve a more pleasant aroma inside your house, your choice of essential oil to use fall on individual preference. What kind of aromatic scent would you like to inhale? What kind of scents irritate your sense of smell and that of your family members? Both questions will enable you to identify what essential oils to choose and what not to.

If you want to utilize the therapeutic benefits of vaporizing essential oils through air freshener, then you need to base it on the properties contained in various essential oils. That way, spraying the air freshener at home will kill all disease-bacteria present in the air. For this purpose, experts recommend the following essential oils: eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree, and lavender.

Preparing Essential Oil Air Freshener

The basic recipe for making your own essential oil air freshener is very easy. The steps are listed below:

  • Start by gathering all ingredients you need to make it more organized. The basic items or ingredients you need are essential oil (or oils), distilled water, spray bottle, and labels or markers.
  • Pour the water into a clean spray bottle. Then, add all of the essential oil ingredients. The amount of essential oil you are going to use will depend on the amount of water you used.
  • Adding rubbing alcohol is optional but it helps to properly combine both oil and water. A couple of teaspoons of rubbing alcohol should be enough.
  • Mix the air freshener recipe completely. Then, label the bottle indicating the essential oil used and the date it was prepared. This will prevent you from using essential oil air freshener that has already turned rancid because it could be potentially dangerous when inhaled or exposed to humans.
  • When spraying the air freshener around your home, focus on fabrics, curtains, beddings, and pillows. This will enable the aroma to cling onto the fabric and be more long lasting as opposed to dissipating in the air. Hence, you can maximize the benefits of spraying aromatherapy air freshener inside your home.

Suggested Recipes

As noted above, different people use air freshener for various reasons. Therefore, you can use the basic recipe suggested above and make your own variations, especially in the type of essential oil you are going to use. It will produce different effects when sprayed and inhaled.

*To neutralize unpleasant odor:

For odors caused by various reasons, the combination of lemon oil (10 drops) and eucalyptus oil (8 drops) will help to overpower that and fill up your house with a more pleasing scent. For odor caused by cigar smoke, a more specific combination of peppermint (10 drops) and lime (10 drops) essential oil should make an effective natural air freshener.

*For insect repellent:

If you're having troubles with insect at home, you can prepare your own air freshener recipe consisting of the following essential oils: lavender oil (8 drops), basil oil (6 drops), and peppermint oil (6 drops).

*For bathroom deodorizer:

To eliminate any unpleasant odor inside the bathroom, you can use the following recipe with recommended essential oils: lemon oil (8 drops), lavender oil (6 drops), and rosemary oil (6 drops).

*For a sensual aroma:

For a romantic essence, you can use essential oils known to contain aphrodisiac qualities when making natural air fresheners at home, including patchouli oil (12 drops) and ylang ylang oil (8 drops).

Home Diffuser

Achieving Different Aroma

The combination of essential oil properties in blends help to maximize the benefits that one can derive with the use of these natural oils in making air fresheners. For more tips on essential oil blend recipes to use on home air freshener, you can base it on the types of scents that can be achieved below:

  • To create an uplifting air freshener, you must use a combination of clary sage, lemon, and lavender essential oil.
  • To create a minty aroma, you must use a combination of spearmint and bergamot essential oil.
  • To create a citrus aroma, you must use a combination of grapefruit, lemon, orange, and cinnamon essential oil.
  • To create a deodorizing aroma, you must use a combination of lemon, bergamot, and eucalyptus essential oil.

Additional Tips

Making homemade air freshener is truly more effective and cost-efficient as compared to purchasing them off the market, which might contain harmful chemicals that could risk your health with excessive exposure. For your own safety measure, pay proper attention to the following:

  • Always keep in mind the factors you need to consider when deciding on the best essential oils to use for making air fresheners at home. This will ensure that you can optimize benefits while reducing risks to the health of your family.
  • When combining more than one essential oil to produce your air freshener recipe, take note of which oil types combine well together.
  • Use carrier oil to dilute the concentration of the essential oil you are using to avoid irritating your sense of smell upon inhaling the aroma it emits.
  • When spraying the air freshener, avoid spraying directly onto someone.

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  • profile image


    5 years ago

    Nowhere in the article do you mention an amount of water or at least the ratio. You mention how many drops of oils in a few cases, but how much water would you add for that many drops? Otherwise a good article.

  • Enlydia Listener profile image

    Enlydia Listener 

    6 years ago from trailer in the country

    This was awesome, and makes me want to put together something out of the oils that I have...Blessings.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Well written Hub Article full of useful information for anyone who is new to the benefits of making your own 'air fresheners'.

    Enjoyed reading it and will add you to the Hubbers I follow and look forward to reading more of your hub articles. :-)

  • profile image

    Crystal jewelry 

    8 years ago

    great post...It's very useful for us..Thanks.

    Very interesting post. Thanks again.. Please Keep it Up!!


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