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Hairstyles For Male Pattern Baldness

Updated on October 19, 2017

What are the first signs of Male Pattern Baldness or MPB

As a guy showing the first signs of the condition known as male pattern baldness (Alopecia) I felt compelled to write this lens hoping that it may help someone combat this common condition.

MPB is as most people know signified by thinning-shortening and finer hair,

The receding hairline usually takes on the characteristic M shape with the sufferer eventually finishing up with the classic horseshoe shaped hair style. Male pattern baldness (MPB) does not indicate a medical condition but for a lot of men it can be a real cause of psychological stress and loss of self esteem because of their change in personal appearance. This all sounds quite grim but there are a ton of tips and many great products that can help with the seemingly untreatable condition known as male pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness hair styles

The simplest solution is to think about what hair style to use.

Male pattern baldness is not the end of the world as we know it captain.

1 Medium short hair.

This is a good option that you can go with if you have quite thick hair but a shrinking| hairline.

You can ask your stylist to cut it short towards the top, but leave it sufficiently long so you can comb it to the side.

The sides can be cut short and also tapered towards the top so that it blends with the hair on the top of your head..

2 Shaggy Layers.

If your hair is receding on the top and you're don`t want to go short, maybe try shaggy layers.

The hair is kept in lengthier layers, especially toward the front and allowed to fall in a random, mess, to hide the thinning.

To get this look request your stylist to cut your hair at the top in irregular layers. When styling, simply toss the hair around to give it that cool unkempt look.

3 The Short Julius Caesar Cut.

This style gets its name from the Roman emperor Julius Caesar who used this hairstyle.

The front is kept short with a horizontal fringe with a forward style. This is a great way to conceal a receding hairline.

To achieve this look, ask your stylist(barber) to cut the hair uniformly short all over but leave the front a little longer. The front hair is then combed forward and cut horizontally along a straight line.

4 Short Hair

For those who have diffused thinning hair, a great option is to go for a short haircut where the hair on top of the head is left a bit longer than the hair on the sides and back of the head. You can then use a hair styling wax or gel so as to draw focus from the the hair loss.

5 The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a classic for those with male pattern baldness and is the style of choice for a number of film stars and celebrities with Male pattern baldness .

The hair`s cut extremely short and close to achieve that "buzzed" look. Different lengths of hair can be achieved depending on the clipper size used.

This is a great style to free yourself from that balding look. It`s super easy to maintain and always looks cool.

6 Shaved. AKA The Chrome dome!

This particular style might require lot of guts but will be my personal style of choice when I get to that stage in the game. However you might also want to consider the shape of your head before taking this step. Consider the benefits of a clean shaved head.Firstly, super low maintenance, that is, zero hours spent in front of a mirror trying to cover your bald spots. Secondly, no regular shampooing required and no rubbing weird and wonderful potions on your bonce.

7 Grow some facial hair.

To deflect attention away from your male pattern baldness growing a beard can be a great plan, A lot of famous celebrities use this option, Goatees and mustaches are generally a good choice.

8 Hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant surgery is an operation performed to take hair from the back of the head and move it into the area that it is needed.

Hair transplant surgery is most suited to those with sufficient hair on the fringe of the scalp to transplant onto the balding area.

In the past, many bald patients were not suitable candidates for hair transplant surgery but modern techniques developed in recent years means that many more men are now candidates.

9 Wear a hat.

If all else fails you can always invest in a cool hat.

Gregor Fisher`s "baldy man"
Gregor Fisher`s "baldy man"

Hair styles to avoid with male pattern baldness.

For goodness sake don`t do this!

"The comb over"

Avoid doing this at all cost!

We have all seen "The Baldy Man" (Gregor Fisher) and laughed at his hair style but we also know someone who uses this "technique" to hide his male pattern baldness,

There are better options but one of those is definitely not growing a ponytail on the other side of your head in a misguided attempt to compensate for your receding hairline .(Because we all know what is found under every pony`s tail)

Easy way to repair your hair! - The revolutionary new hair replacement product called Caboki.

Does Caboki work ?

Watch this youtube video and find out!

Don`t forget to vote in my Sexiest hairstyle for MPB poll!

Male pattern baldness latest news!

Until now no one has really been able to say what is the true cause of this distressing condition but the past few days it has been discovered what is thought to be the cause of male pattern baldness.

It`s not just simply a lack of hair, but rather a problem with the new hair that grows.

A manufacturing defect means the hair produced is so small it appears invisible to the naked eye, giving the classic bald spot or receding hairline.

The Journal of Clinical Investigation said the fault lies with the stem cells that manufacture new hair.

It could be possible to 'cure' male pattern baldness by restoring the normal function of these cells, the experts are hoping.

In time they are hoping to develop a cream that could be applied directly to the scalp to aid the stem cells grow normal hair.

The University of Pennsylvania team using men undergoing hair transplant procedures as guinea pigs, they compared hair follicles in bald patches and hairy areas of the scalp.

Although bald areas had the same number of hair-making stem cells as normal scalp, there were fewer of a more mature type, called the progenitor cell.

This difference means that hair follicles in bald patches shrink rather than disappear and the new hairs made are microscopic compared to normal hair.

Dr George Cotsarelis who has led the research declaired that "This implies that there is a problem in the activation of stem cells converting progenitor cells in bald scalps.

"The fact that there are a normal number of stem cells in bald scalps gives us hope for revitalizing those stem cells."

Until now it has been unknown what the real cause of male pattern baldness is, but experts think the testosterone the male hormone is involved and male pattern baldness seems to run in families.

Vote for the sexiest hairstyle for MPB

One for the ladies (or Guys) here, Let us know what you think is the best tactic when dealing with a balding bonce!

What do you think is the sexiest hairstyle for a guy with male pattern baldness?

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      Thanks for the info! I like the photos here, they look funny :)

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      The best solution for hairloss for me is using RegenePure. One of the

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      @Scarlettohairy: Thanks for leaving a comment! Maybe the lady with the comb over need some a bit of gentle advice! (Good luck with that)

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      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      Good info. I see a woman out and about who does the comb over. It's not a good look on her either.

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      Wayne 5 years ago from west vancouver BC Canada

      @anonymous: Thanks!

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      Awesome lens! Great job!

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