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Management of stress

Updated on September 11, 2015


In every other human being, stress is something normal. It can be termed as a psychological and physical feedback to the ever inclining demands of life. In the day today life, an average human being is bound to experience stress at some point. Often stress affects each individual differently. Too much stress could have profound effect on an individual’s well-being. Apparently, recurrent and redundant psychological stress could mean a deteriorating inter-personal and academic effectiveness, low self-esteem, myriads of self-doubts or rather low confidence.

As noted earlier, stress affects each individual differently and therefore, it is important for an individual to take note of the unique stress “signals”. We have different categories of stress. When under stress, it may display in one or all of the following. Feelings, behaviors, Thoughts, body physical reactions. Stressful feelings may include emotions such as moodiness, anxiety or even fear. Stressful behaviors may include one or all of the following: increased or decreased appetite, acting impulsively, crying or speech difficulties or even the use of different drugs for example, indulgence in alcohol and smoking. Instances that could reveal stress through thoughts may include behaviors such as concentration difficulties, forgetfulness, pre-occupation and even self-criticism. Physical body stress may display headaches, fatigue or sweaty hands, shaking, dry mouth and so on. Stress is part of every day’s life, managing finances, various routine, daily commuting, work school, and even relationship could be some of the common sources of stress.

Managing stress

Sometimes it could also be surprising that the things and moments in life that are meant to make one happy could be the beginning of stress for certain individuals. For example, travelling abroad, buying a car, falling in love could just be the beginning of a series of different stress levels. Given stress levels could be disturbing and equally perilous to one’s well-being. Therefore, there is often a need to take control of one’s stress levels as a way of embracing a healthily lifestyle. The control measures are often referred to as stress management. The technique incorporates a comprehensive methodologies and psychotherapies for keeping track of the unhealthy stress levels (More so the chronic stress levels). The following ways could be devised to counter stress:

Proper time management

For many people out there, poor time management or over-commitment is often a common source of stress. Putting such time into good use could strike a significant change for an individual. For example, resorting in to a considerable schedule, planning a head, or even scheduling time for stress management could contribute towards stress management. Alternatively, it would be advisable for one to prepare a “to do” list which could be of great help because sometimes managing everything could be a mar.

Share it with others

Bottled-up emotions could be a greater source for stress and frustration. Therefore, taking one or two steps in sharing your feelings with your peer or even the seniors e.g. teachers parents, family or even counselor could be one way to relieve or manage stress. Doing this helps clear your mind off the contamination of confusion. Writing your thoughts on a paper could also increase the probability of attaining the solution for the different stress levels.

Get Busy

Stress or stress related problems could sometimes be addressed better by involving oneself in particular physical activities which could get one in the right shape and state of mind towards finding a solution. Participating in a voluntary work or even involving oneself in a given exercise could leave one feeling robust which is more likely to boost the mental well-being in the right direction.

Work smart and not hard

Sometimes the work place environment could be the source of mental problems. Keeping away from work stress means prioritizing your work, concentrating on the task that are meant to achieve significance and accepting that your input will always materialize at the end of the day. Working smart pertains to good time management skills that also mean quality work and not quantity.


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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      Stress can be a killer if we don't take the steps necessary to get a handle on it. These are some great ideas. Others may include engaging in quality family time, having a hobby, or taking a reprieve from technology that may be overly demanding.


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